Nicolas and his recipe for exam success!

One of the reasons why many students come to EC London is to prepare for an English language exam like the IELTS London or Cambridge exams on one of our courses. Below is an article written by Nicolas Jungo, a former CAE student, on how to prepare for exams.

Recipe for exam success


The same procedure as every year. Before the examination sessions start the libraries and other study rooms are full of students. They try desperately to make up the time during the year when they haven’t been studying by doing 12-hour shifts in the library. Is it the best way to pass the exams and is there a recipe for success?

Experts agree that only hard work and planning will maximise most people’s chances. First of all, they have to make a solid revision plan. A good plan includes a lot of short study sessions of about 1-2 hours with breaks between them. A variety of topics and subjects avoid that the students focus too long on one. But the best way to be prepared starts during the year with class attendance. It makes sure that you are already familiar with the topic and the difficulties. Additionally, writing summaries helps a lot to understand the context and to be focused on the key aspects.

No matter how satisfying the preparation was, on the day of the exam people should avoid studying before the start. It makes them lose concentration and increases their nervousness. Furthermore, they tend to think about the importance and impact the exam has on themselves, which also causes a panic situation. People should arrive relaxed and make sure that they are well-rested. If they sleep enough the day before their concentration ability will be much better than in a tired constitution. Arriving on time is another important key to success. Instead of studying on these days, skimming the self-written summaries makes sure that the focus is on the right topic.

However, these suggestions may not convince everyone because everyone has his own methods but one thing is clear: If you want to pass an exam you need to work!

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