First day of school: what did you do?


London is such a cosmopolitan and lively city that it offers a huge variety of activities for both its citizens and tourists. There is really no chance to get bored here! Some of our students of EC London, attending a English Course in the UK, took pictures during their first days in the UK and they would like to share them with all of us. Have a look at what they did and tell us if you also made these experiences 🙂

Yurim, English Course in the UK
Euston Station

“I took this photo in front of Euston bus station on my first day, 07/Apr. That day, the weather was very warm and lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



Monday drinks, English Course in the UK
Monday drinks

“This is a picture on my first day in a pub. I had never talked with people from another country before this. So it was a special experience for me.”



Jaqueline, English Course in the UK

“Hello, my name is Jaqueline and I have 20 years old!”
“In my first day in London, because was a Bank Holiday, I went to Oxford Circus, London Eye, Big Ben and MM’s Store… I shopping a lot, so much more than I could!”



Laura, English Course in the UK
Laura Molina, football Friday

“It was an amazing day with my EC London friends. We played football at Regent’s Park and after that we went to the pub to drink something.”

(Laura Molina)


Monday Drinks, English Course in the UK
Monday Drinks

“This picture is about my first day in EC.”
“I talked with new friends (Including Kohei!) and drank beer. I really enjoyed at that moment:)”



Alienor, English Course in the UK

“First day someone propose me to go on the rocket’s pub after the class!”
“I had meet new people and see the typical English pub. I can’t forget this moment, I begin my integration.”

(Alienor Durand-Mille)


Alessandra, English Course in the UK

“When I’m arrived in London first I go to my homestay accommodation!! They are very friendly, nice and lovely! In the afternoon I was walking on the park! The park have lot of green part!! It’s beautiful! I love it!”



Julio, English Course in the UK

“First day in London. Selfie with the Big Ben! Whit 2 friends Anders and Josefa”


“The first day in London was a bank holiday!”
So, was a day off, to know places and people! We went  to London Eye, Big Ben the Buckingham Palace, and it was amazing!”
“We are loving our time in London!”

(Bruna Trojan and Isadora Giusti)