EC London student Nam shares his impressions to future EC students

Dear future student at school of English EC London,

Studying English at EC LondonI have been studying in school of English EC London roughly 3 months and I really want to give you some advice.

Above all, when it comes to homework. I would say you have to do whole things particularly writing tasks because wherever you do, teachers will give you a feedback what mistakes you made and more proper vocabulary to make more natural.

Also, what’s really important is coming to class. Even if you couldn’t sleep well the day before or there were some special events and things like that, it’s obligated for students to come to class. Well, some students disagree with my opinion but I’m here to study English and listening what teachers tell us might improve our listening skills. Moreover, something you have heard during the class could help you unconsciously.

Let’s talk about social activities. I would definitely recommend doing it as much as you can. It’s really helpful to improve your socializing and you can get some nice impressions about the city. I know it’s really hard to express your feelings and emotions whenever you speak English. So I try to learn some expressions from other people in school.

Anyway, what I really think is studying is up to you. We have same teacher, classes and time. Don’t use a translator and try to think in English.

Have a great time and enjoy!”- Nam

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