Priscilla’s story about her Facebook picture

Our student Priscilla Maria Antunes Campello had a special experience when she started her English courses in London. Priscilla posted a photo below and become a cyber celebrity over the night. Her Facebook post has over 4 thousand likes and a newspaper published her picture.

Priscilla's special experience when starting an English course at EC London
Priscilla’s Facebook picture that generated over 4 thousands likes

Here is her story about the picture:

“Hello! My name is Priscilla and I’m from Brazil. Since I chose to come to do English courses in London, I decided that the first photo I would take would  be in front of Big Ben. Then, on the “Brazilian Day” I took a picture next to the British Telephone with Big Ben  Behind and posted on Facebook. So, when my fiance saw it, he had an idea  to copy the picture in Brazi, next to a pay phone and in front of a pharmacy with the name and picture of Big Ben. Then, he sent me this photo to joker with me and say that the distance didn’t separate us.

I liked the picture so much that I made a montage with my photo and posted on Facebook. The people liked it so much, that  in two days the photo had more than 4.000 likes!! And the other day my photo was in the newspaper of my state! I couldn’t believe it! People in  the whole Brazil were enjoying and sharing my photo! It was my five minutes of fame! (lol)

Thank you, EC London, for giving me learning and this super fun experience!”

Priscilla's special experience when starting an English course at EC London


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