Tony, Intensive English: “I really recommend this school”

Tony is a student from France that started his Intensive English course at EC London in August.
He is always a great supporter of our social programme activities and recently when we organized an ice skating night he and our student ambassador Cesar appared on the famous TimeOut magazine with a photo of that night.
We really had a great time that night! He is going to stay with us for three months so ask about that to Tony!
Here is what he would like to say about his experience at EC London so far.

Intensive English course


I have been at EC London for 3 months and I really recommend this school.

I like the staff and teachers, they are really helpfull.

My favourite hang out is to go out with the students of the school. Sunday afternoon is the good time for visit the beautiful city of London by the way the school offers some travelling.

I would come back to EC.

Intensive English course
Tony and Cesar on TimeOut