Jiaxin Zhang, General English:”I can improve my speaking in this language environment”

Jiaxin came all the way from China in June and he is going to stay at EC London for almost one year! He is doing a General English course and here is what he would like to share about his EC experience.

general english course


I have been to EC London for 4 months. I would recommed EC London to my friends because the teachers is helpful and warm-heart. The students is friendly. You know, in China, there have many environment problems, such as: air, water. I have known the English people like for complain the weather of England before I came to here but I really like the London weather. It’s not terrible what English people talking about.

In China, we learn mute English and practice grammar everyday. We don’t have speaking so I think the Asian students are good at exam. I enjoy academic atmosphere in the school and I trust i can improve my speaking in this language environment. I have chat with my friends.

I always living in the house in the evening so I don’t know the favorite hang out in the evenings. Maybe you can recommend some hang out to me.

I will come back to EC London I have chance to study language. Life is like a subtraction. I am going to cherich my remain time in the EC London.

Here for more information about our General English course.