Federica, General English:”My experience there has been wonderful and unforgettable”

Federica comes from Italy and she spent one month at our school following the General English course. She travelled a lot during her time in UK. Here there is what she would like to share abour her experience.

Learn English in the UK


I love London. My experience there has been wonderful and unforgettable.

I’ve spent 4 weeks here during what I’ve had the opportunity to speak and share moments with people from different countries, with different cultures. It has been great and I’ve learnt interesting things from all of them!

This opportunity has been possible in the EC school because here you can meet the people from the farest places of the world! I love travelling and in this experience I’ve had also the opportunity of visiting a lot wonderful places in England.

The EC school of London organises you a trip in a city, with the travel in the coach and a guide that explains you the history of the places you visit. I really enjoyed myself because I’ve spent my weekends travelling to Stonehenge, Bath, Windsor, Cheddar Gorge and many other wonderful places!

Thank you EC for this unforgettable experience! You will be always in my heart!

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