Audrey, CAE exam preparation:” Students, teachers and the staff made me feel at home!”

Audrey is preparing the Cambridge CAE exam in London. She comes from Switzerland and before starting her CAE(Certificate in Advanced English) preparation she did two week of Intensive English. Here her amazing testimonial!

cae exam in london
Audrey and friends on their way to Brighton

Living abroad may change your life. It’s the first time I’ve been far away from my family and my friend for such a long time, moreover, spending time in a City I’ve never visited before.

As I’ve arrived two month ago, I was doubtfully about my adaptation to the school and London, but all of my fears rapidly flew away.

London is a marvellous city. What I particularly like about it is the fact that it is a cosmopolitan place. Here you have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, eat lots of different cooking, and hear new exotic languages. London could definitely satisfy each one since there is a bunch of interesting museum, peaceful park, fashionable shop and dynamic nightclub. My favourite place in London is probably Sky Garden because it is an amazing place at the top of a Building where you can contemplate the whole city. The atmosphere here was delightful, but not as much as it is in EC London.

cae exam in london
Audrey at the Sky Garden

I’ve been in EC London for more than 2 months. At the moment, I am attempting a Cambridge Class that prepares me for the CAE test, which will take place in December. Since I’ve arrived, I’ve really felt that my English skills have improved a lot, particularly due to this class. This is why everybody should have the opportunity to come to an EC school.

Students, teachers and the staff made me feel at home. Although we don’t speak the same native language, everybody is here to have a good time. Despite different religion, language, ages, home countries, everybody seems to be connected by the joy of being in London. EC London is like a big family and, as you come to the student lounge, you can hear shriek of delight and people laughing together while playing football table, which make you feel part of this experience. I’m extremely grateful I’ve met amazing friends whose happiness and generosity make me spent the best days of my youth.

Thanks for everything!

Audrey, CAE class, Switzerland