Nikolas – my experience was really lovely and everybody was really polite

Nicolas Ariel De Araujo came to London together with a closed group from Argentina to improve his English and at the same visit some tourist attractions. They all booked Homestay London English Courses, which means they stay with families. In a homestay they lived with local English speakers, and experienced an authentic lifestyle. They also enjoyed the homecooked food and felt extra secured in a homestay. Here is what Nicolas would like to share with us about his experience:

Nikolas student at Homestay London English Courses

“I chose EC London to study English, because they told me that EC is the best place in London. I like everything about London!

What I like the most about EC London is that we have different teachers and each week new classmates. The most unforgettable memory of EC are social activities with people form other countries.

If I would recommend EC to a friend? Yes of course! I would recommend it because my experience was really lovely and everybody was really polite.

I stayed in the homestay as a part of Homestay London English Courses and enjoy lovely dinners with my family. The best activities for Saturday afternoon are either going to Brighton or visiting street markets.”


Besides English lessons Argentinian group had an exiting social programme during weekends. They joined a weekend trip to Edinburgh, where they saw the beautiful Scotland’s landscape and a local guide showed them around  Edinburgh. They visit number one attraction in UK, famous Stonehenge and charming Bath, furthermore they had a one day trip to to Oxford, Stratford & Cotswolds Villages. In London they experienced a night out and watched the best musical of the West End – the Lion King.


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