Amazing testimonial from Maria

Maria Alejandra is the sweetest student ever with such a positive energy! She has spent two months with us joining one of our ESL courses at EC London.
We will miss her a lot and we all wish her all the best! Hope to see you soon!



I chose EC because is one of the schools for learning English, before to come here I was reading about EC, and I think that was the better option!
London is the best place that I never know, I met the people from around the world, and now they are in my memory and in my heart. London is multicultural and it’s great, here I could know about the other cultures. EC is the best school, this experience for me was really perfect, really good teacher and classmate, I only can say THANKS!
My most unforgettable memory is about a class, we’re singing and practice in the website lirycs training with the teacher Gareth in my last week and that was vey funny and I was thinking “this moment is perfect, I would stay here forever!”. I never forget my classmates, my teacher and this amazing city.
I would recommend EC to a friend because this esxperience was wonderful for me, and I would like to share with everybody. The education in this place is great and the learning process is very good, I would like to come back here and study again.
The best thing to do in a Sunday afternoon is walk around walk around the city is a very nice plan, also you can go to Hyde Park or Green Park to make a picnic with your friends ( it’s my favourite plan) one of the best place to hang out in the evenings in London is Camden I really like that place, there are a lot of pubs and you can drink a beer with your friends.

Thank you for this amazing testimonial!