Ukrainian student Danylo took a 3-week IELTS Course in London

3 weeks IELTS exam preparation in London
3 weeks IELTS exam preparation

This cool boy studied 3 weeks IELTS Courses in London.

According to him, why he chose EC is because of affordable price, good amount of lessons and nice location.

Good teachers, free wifi access, interactive lessons, as well as social programmes are the most things he likes of school.

For London, he was amazed by interesting museums, good transport system and beautiful old buildings.

The most unforgettable memory of him is the teachers: ‘I have never met so friendly and intelligent teachers.’

We asked if he recommend EC to a friend and why?

He answered yes, because of interactive lessons, affordable price and location.

His favourite places in London are the pubs, coffee, restaurants, anywhere where he can have a good conversation with his friends.

For him, the best thing to do on a Sunday afternoon is to go to the one of hundred museums in London.