Welcome Jungkeun Shin as our new intern!

Let’s welcome our lovely new intern, JK!

After 2 weeks working with him, we have all been surprised by his efficiency!

We are proud of him and hopefully he will enjoy the time here. 🙂

Let’s see what he says about himself:

Jungkeun Shin is the new intern at EC London English School

Name: Jungkeun Shin

Nationality: Korean

Mother tongue: Korean

Studies: Italian, in Uni

Home: Seoul in Korea, London in UK.

Job at EC English School: Student Services Intern

How long are you going to stay at EC? Until 22 December

Other languages: English, a bit of Italian

Hobbies: Acoustic Guitar, music and travelling

Family: There are 4 in my family, My younger sister studies in university in Spain and my parents are living next to their farm.

Studies and future plans: I will go to Italy to study just for 2 months because when I had done my military service I forgot almost everything about italian.

Favourite place in London: Tate museum

What is your first impression of London?

I was worried about the weather and the food here, and still. Except these two things, I love everything.

Why did you become an intern?

I was a student for 10 weeks and really enjoyed this school. And I thought internship will help me a lot to improve my english.


Come to talk to him if you would like to know more about London homestay English Courses