Micheael from Switzerland

Micheael came for learning Cambridge English Courses in London.

He has been here for 12 weeks attending FCE.

Michael -Cambridge English Courses in London

It’s a pleasure to know him here and he left his marvellous feedback to us to share:


What do you like about London? What do you like about the school:

London: Many different cultures gathering in this huge city. I also like the tube here and Shoreditch.

School: The teacher Jonny. <3; it’s in central of London and well-organised.

What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC?

My favourite teacher Jonny and the relaxing time with my friends together.

Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why?

Sure – I achieved my goal and I was able to improve my English more than I expected.

Where is your favourite place to hang out in the evenings? What is the best thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?

I highly recommend Brewday Pub in Shoreditch.