Karin had a great experience at EC London

Karin Hurschler is from Switzerland but came to London to study English for four weeks. She met a lot of lovely people from all over the world. They had a great time together, friendships have emerged. Karin was suggested to study with EC by language study company Boa Lingua and is very happy with her decision.

London is an interesting city with lovely buildings and parks, she said. The weather is great as well, not too much rain. Her favorite thing to do in the evenings is to go to the pub and have a beer or dinner with her new friends.

IELTS preparation courses in London
Karin Hurschl is sitting for an IELTS preparation course in London

During her stay at EC there were not many Swiss students which was great since she had to speak a lot of English. She can definitely recommend EC to a friend because the teachers are good and friendly. Also the staff were very helpful if she had any questions.

If you are interested in having a similar experience as Karin, EC is the ideal school to sit for an IELTS preparation course in London.