My first two weeks as an intern at EC London

When I first arrived at EC London I was immediately set to work. I arrived on a Monday morning, the same time as every other new student arrives. My first task was to take pictures of the new students for their student cards. As the day continued I began to get to know the staff and the environment of EC London. Suzie Abrahamson gave me and my college Alexandra a tour of the building as well. Everyone was super nice to us and we felt like we belonged instantly.

As of now I have worked at EC for about three weeks and time passes by so quickly. I am working in the 30+ reception with Giulia and Saima. We get along very nice and I am very satisfied with my working environment. A day of work usually contains me filling in papers, chasing students and emailing about various problems. During a week here no day is the same. Mondays and Fridays are probably the most different because it is the day that the students leave or arrive.

I was happily surprised that EC London has such an open atmosphere. If I need help with something I can always go to anyone, regardless of their position in the firm.

I’m looking forward to the rest of my stay and I hope that it will be just as good as my first three weeks.