Daria’s experience in London

Daria Smykova studied English classes for adults in London at the end of January, but it was not her first time at here.

She also studied here in the summer and really liked her study records so when she had holiday she decided to spend it in London studying at EC. Her favourite thing about the city is the tiny houses because in her home country there are only skyscrapers.

She also thinks the school is really useful. It really helps her to improve her English. Daria says she definitely would recommend EC to all of her friends, actually she has already done that. EC really helped her improve her communication skills in English. The most unforgettable memories from EC London will be all the people she met, many of them has become her friends. Restaurants in the centre of the city is her favourite place to hang out in the evenings.

The best thing to do on a Sunday afternoon is to go on an excursion to another town.

Daria Smykova took English classes for adults in London
Daria Smykova took English classes for adults in London