Welcome to Giuseppina Troiano our new Intern

Giuseppina Troiano, I prefer Giusy, easier because it sounds like Juicy and everybody can make joke of it. XD



Mother tongue:



Japanese in University


Naples in Italy

Job at EC English School:

Student Services Intern

How long are you going to stay at EC?

from 9th April until 31st August

Other languages:

English, a little bit of Japanese


Singing and Travelling


There are 4 in my family, My younger brother studies in high school in Naples and my parents are living there, too.

Studies and future plans:

I’m graduated in Japanese language at Orientale in Naples. I wish one day to go in Japan to improve my studies.

Favourite place in London:

Tower Bridge

What is your first impression of London?

I was worried, because for me it was total brand new: food, people and also the weather.

Why did you become an intern?

I won an Erasmus Trainee-ship in my University and I had to find an English school, I checked on internet and here it is, the best school in London.


If you would like to know more about English Teaching Courses in London, you are more than welcome to visit our school!