Daneal’s Experience to learn English in London

This testimonial is from Danael , a Swiss-German student, who recommends everyone to go to EC to learn English in London!

We asked him the reason why he chose to come to EC London:

I chose to study with EC because my teacher in Switzerland and the agent from Boa Lingua advised it to me.

Our second question is: what did he like about the school?

I liked the people and the staff in EC school because they are helpful and open.

We asked Danael what will be his unforgettable memory of EC?

The most unforgettable memory of EC was when they helped me to choose the best way to travel. Especially one person spent her free time for this.

We would like to know if he wants to recommend EC to a friend and why:

I would recommend EC school to my friends because I had a very good experience to study here in London. EC was for my level the best choice.

Our last but not least question is, what is the best thing to do on Sunday?

The best thing to do on Sunday for me is going to the local Church with my christen friends.

We thank Danael for this special message and we hope to see him and his friends soon!