Movie Nights at EC

As part of the social programme for students at EC London, movie night takes place once a week. Movies so far have included Race, The Imitation Game and Into the Wild. The students are given a choice of two or three movies and the most popular goes on. Along with the film, there is also food and drink like pop corn, crisps and soft drinks.

Benefits for Students


One of the great benefits of movie night is the fantastic opportunity before and after to meet other students from all over the world, make new friends and practice English with them. This could be in the form of general conversation or discussing the film once it has finished. Also, by making new friends, students may have a long-term ability to practice their English more and more if they meet their friends more and more after classes.

Listening Practice and Language Exposure

Frequently hearing natural spoken English is a benefit to students’ listening abilities. Also, frequent exposure to a certain grammar point may train the ear to recognise how the grammar sounds. After all, native speakers do not necessarily recognise the individual words that make up grammar, but instead recognise how it sounds. With subtitles students can also pick up new vocabulary. All in all though, whether actively or passively students will be consolidating practice they have had in class

This Week

Forrest Gump vs Passengers

If you are a student looking for a chance to meet other students of a variety of nationalities and practice both your speaking and listening, why don’t you come along to the next event?

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