EC Teacher Profile- Prakash Parmar

EC London has many fantastic teachers, and one of the longest-serving and most loved is Prakash Parmar. Prakash started teaching at EC London after completing his Celta course in 2010, and has taught at EC ever since.  Prakash has taught all levels of English, and is currently one of EC’s Ielts teachers.  We caught up with Prakash to find out why he decided to become a teacher, why he enjoys it, and what advice he would give to other teachers.

Why did you decide to become a language teacher?

Prakash: “I decided to do a Celta course in London with EC because I had studied French at university and was interested in languages. I also thought English language teaching had a lot of potential in terms of where I could go and what  I could do. And I thought  teaching would be fun. ”


What do you like about teaching?

Prakash: “I like language teaching because every day is different, and I get the chance to meet different people from all over the world, which is really interesting and fun. Seeing my students make progress is really rewarding as well, especially in the case of an exam class like Ielts, so I like that aspect of the job. I have only taught at EC, but I love the school because there is a real focus on academics, and everyone on the staff is very passionate about teaching. ”

What advice would you give to new teachers?

Prakash: ” I would say never be afraid to try new things in class and to test new ideas. If something doesn’t work, treat it as a learning experience. Also, ask other teachers for help and advice. Everyone has different ideas and it’s always good to get a different perspective, and other teachers are one of the best resources that we always forget to use. “