My first weeks as an intern at EC London

My name is Alice, I’m a Swedish intern from Gothenburg, which is the second biggest city in Sweden. For seven weeks, I am doing my intern in the main reception at EC London. During my stay, I live in a host family just like some of the students from EC do. I have got the great opportunity to do my intern abroad through the project called Erasmus+ that my upper secondary school offers. I study my third year in the programme economics focusing on the business and entrepreneurship.

This is my fourth week at EC London and time passes by so quickly. A week of work in the main receptionist contains different assignments. On Mondays when new students arrive, my task is firstly to take photos of students for their student ID cards. Moreover, I am in charge of updating student information in our system, picking up post, sending emails, answering phone calls, printing documents and much more. On Fridays when students are leaving, there is a farewell ceremony that I have been in charge of sometimes. We also print next week’s social programme and change the posters on the news board. In addition, I update on EC’s Instagram account @eclondon_uk.


As the days continued I began to get to know the staff and the environment of EC London.

The staff are really nice and welcoming and I enjoy to work in EC’s atmosphere. Therefore, I would consider EC London as a pleasant place to work at. The reception job was a new experience for me, which so far has been challenging, instructively and interesting.


To sum up, I am pleased to have this opportunity to be in London and do my internship at EC London!

If you would like to join me to learn English in London, please come to school to visit us!