Places in London


It is Dorian again! I’m the new intern at the EC Euston reception in EC London😊

Today I’m going to talk to you about the different places where I have been in London since I arrived.

The place which impressed me the most is sky garden, it’s a garden with a pub on the top of a big building. From this place you can look at all London.

It’s just amazing because you are at the fiftieth floor of a building in a very beautiful green garden watching at the beautiful city of London all around you. Obviously, it’s much better when it’s about 9pm because you can see the sunset. More importantly, it’s free!

Another place which marked me a lot was Camden Town. It’s a market street where you can buy various interesting things. That’s a good place to buy for example covers for your phone, British souvenirs and clothes. The street is very beautiful because many shops have their own special design. Words cannot express how stunning they are, you need to go to see by your eyes!

The funniest part for me is that I can negotiate prices with all the sellers. In the most cases they will tell you that a keyring costs 10 pounds but you can tell them “ok its too much I will take it for 4 pounds” and eventually you will buy it with 6 pounds (it’s just an example). Personally, I enjoy the process of bargain so much!

Additionally, it’s the punk rock neighborhood of London where you can find the true punk English people who are interested in tattoos and piercings and so on.


For me these two places are crazy and are absolutely “a must to do” in London.