Saying Goodbye!

Almost three months ago, I started working as a Student Services Intern at EC London. At that time, I had absolutely no clue of how much this time will change myself. When I started working at EC, I was pretty much afraid of what is going to await me. As my hometown is very small, it was a big step for me to work in London and live there on my own. But thanks to my colleagues and friends at EC, it has probably been the best time I ever had in my life. Working at a language school like EC gives you the opportunity to work and get to know people from all over the world which is simply amazing. I have learnt a lot about foreign cultures and it was nice to hear different life stories from different people. Apart from the people I have met, living in a city like London never gets boring. There are so many things to do and see every day. Even though I have been to London quite a few times before, I saw so many new places. I got to know the city from a different view which made me love it even more. Last but not least, I would like to say a massive thank you to all my lovely colleagues at EC London. You have been amazing and made my time and working experience here a very special one. In these three months I have spent working at EC London, I laughed a lot and I also cried as it is now time to say goodbye. I will miss you a lot and you will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for everything! Lena 🙂


Hi, I’m the Academic Intern!

Hey everybody! My name is Remi and I’m the Academic Intern at EC London. I am a 22-year old French boy who is working at EC until December. I’m from Dijon, which is located in the East of France. I am really proud to be French, as my country has much diversity to it. I like a lot the weather, the food and also the landscape. It is a nice mix of the countryside and the sea. In Dijon, I study Finance at Burgundy School of Business. I am very passionate about my studies and I am very much looking forward to working in finance in my future life. I started working at EC London because it is important for me to improve my English for my future work life. My friends recommended EC London to me and I am glad they did. The atmosphere at school is great. As an Academic Intern I work in the Academic office of the school. For me, it is very interesting to have an insight into this kind of work. I am preparing student’s timetable, class lists, exams etc. Apart from my tasks at work, I really like my colleagues. Everyone is very kind and always willing to help. I found great friends at EC London that make my time here a special experience. I chose to go to London because I like the city a lot. You can do all you want at any time, so it is never going to be boring. My favourite places in London are Camden and Covent Garden. The vibe in Camden and Covent Garden is just amazing, as there are many different kinds of people and everyone enjoys their time in the pub or in one of the amazing restaurants. I am very excited for my … Read more


Hi, I’m the new Student Services Intern!

Hi everyone! My name is Lena and I’m the new Student Services Intern at EC London. I’m a twenty year-old German girl and I’m going to stay at EC London for three months. My hometown is located in the south west of Germany, which is pretty close to France and Luxemburg. After graduating from school, I started studying German, English and Italian for my Bachelor’s degree at Saarland University. Once I will have finished my studies, I would love to work as a journalist or in a cultural institution. I’m glad I got the opportunity to undertake this internship here at EC London. It is a great opportunity to improving my English but also to meeting students from all over the world. Due to this I can also improve my basic knowledge of French and Italian and maybe gain insights into other languages as well. I chose EC London because London is my favourite city and I think it is a great place to go for if you want to learn English. There are so many people from different nations paired with traditional British culture, so it is nice to see the multicultural atmosphere of the city. There are so many things to do in London, which is great because you will never get bored. When I walk around London on my own I usually go to the museums. I am a huge art lover and I am very happy that there are tons of great museums here. I also love London for its parks because I think it is really nice to have a walk in the country to take a break from busy times in the city. Living and working in a city like London is a great experience for me and so far I am enjoying my … Read more

Nice Japanese Places to visit in London!

Are you a Japanese student at EC London who feels nostalgic of his home country? Or are you just a Japanese culture addicted person? You’re reading a post that might interest you! As i said previously, I love asian culture so much. I’ve been living here for almost three months and I often go in some Asian places that you might like. Here you can find a list of some of my favourite. Japan Centre Japan Centre is the best place to get…everything! I love it because it’s the only one place where I can get pieces of sashimi to make sushi at home. Since I love cooking japanese food, I’ve been there for the first time because I was looking for ingredients to make takoyaki (octopus balls), and I found everything there! I was so happy! Moreover you can buy also items such as anime and manga magazines, JLPT books, calligraphy stationary and so on.     Necco Japanese Bar Located in Exmouth Market (Angel), it is a place that all the Japanese people might call kawaii (cute). The walls are pink, the waiters are very nice and friendly. Even the toilet is kawaii, with flowers everywhere. You can also buy items there and the price is medium high. I used to go there many times before moving in Archway because that was the only one place where i could eat takoyaki. Taiyakiya In the middle of Chinatown there are many touristic places where you can buy cheap Asian food but no one sells good Japanese taiyaki like this one. The place is very small but once you come inside you feel like being in Japan. You can listen anime soundtrack while you are waiting for your taiyaki. But what is it? When you watch Japanese anime, you always … Read more

Welcome Walk.

Hi, this is Federica, student services intern at EC London! This week I would like to talk about what students use to do during their first day at EC London. Students come early in the morning as well as teachers and employee. We give to the students welcome packs and tell them where they have to go to do the entrance test. People who work in the reception register their Visa, Passaport and make ID cards for the new students. They will have the Welcome Talk in which my colleague tells them the rules of our school. After lessons, student have to do the Welcome Walk. They have a sheet with some questions about the places inside the school and outside, so that they learn them well. For example we ask about the code to open the door of the stairs, or something about the statue outside st. Pancras station, and other things regarding King’s Cross Station, the British Library and so on.So they follow an itinerary up to the Somers Town Coffee House, the melting pot where I have to wait all the students there, sit and chat with them. It is a pub located near the school with some seats even outside. That’s why it’s a good place to enjoy the nice summer weather in London. That is a good chance to speak about the Social Programme of the week and know each other better. In addition, It’s a good way to make friends. I met so many nice people who enjoyed me and my colleague Alberto to the Karaoke Night. From that day we became close to each other. That’s why it’s an experience I will never forget!

Karaoke Nights at EC London!

Hi, this is Federica. I have been working at Ec London for more than one month and now I can say I feel at home. At first it was shocking changing my life. I’m from a small town in Italy, where there is nothing to do. The only thing that you can do during the weekend is to go to another town by car and in order to enjoy your weekend there. In addition, I used to go out with the same friends all the time. The only place that opened up my eyes and mind to a new world was my University, where I could finally meet people coming from different countries and study many foreign languages. London is a new world to me: I can always meet new people from new countries, hang out with them and do plenty of interesting activities such as… the Karaoke Night! Once a week my colleague and I organize a Karaoke night in the school. We move to the 30+ reception, full of comfortable sofas, huge tables with a smart TV and a piano. We start with a piano performance. There’s always someone who likes playing the piano. After this relaxing performances, we turn the microphone on. Let’s start the party! Students choose their favourite songs and they can sing in different languages as well. Yesterday, for example, some French students sang “Allez les blue allez”, the Spanish one performed “Despacito” and so on. We also had a student who won the Voice Kids-France and we enjoyed his karaoke perfomances: he’s such a brilliant and young singer! Everytime we organize this kind of party, I’m always afraid people might get bored or be too shy to sing in public. But yesterday was different than I expected: students got along with each other … Read more

Last Blog in London

Feedback on my life in London since May Hello, I arrived the 20th of May in London to work as an intern in EC London. Thanks to this job I have an incredible chance to meet a lot of people from many different countries all around the world. They could be my colleagues or simply students in the school where I am working. This amazing internship allows me to speak and work only in English everyday, to learn so many different facts about countries around the world and of course to make friends to hang out in London. I also improved my working skills which is important in order to get experience for my studies (working in English with customers from many nationalities etc…) But the most wonderful thing which happened to me in London was just to meet amazing people from all around the world and to know them, speak with time, spend time with them, discover London with them. That’s the incredible thing with EC School, to speak only in English with even people who come from the opposite of the world, it is really interesting. Personally I met amazing people thanks to EC London, I shared with them so many beautiful moments in London that I am not gonna forget. Thanks to them I had 3 perfect months, maybe the best of my life. I am leaving London with such perfect souvenirs that I will remember forever. Thank you very much for everything. Dorian

EC Summer party on 19th July

My New Life at EC London!

Hello guys, This is Federica, new intern from EC London! I work in the main reception of the school from the beginning of July. I’m a 24 years old Italian who loves travel and foreign languages and cultures. Since I was a child I use to watch anime and to read comics and manga. When I was a teenager I realized I like everything related to Japanese culture. Moreover, my sisters studied and lived abroad and I traveled many times throughout Europe to visit them. During their University years I realized how travelling makes you a richer person inside. It lets you to discover things that you can’t find in your home country and makes you more ambitious. Moreover, during my bachelor I was a tutor of a Japanese exchange student so I improved my knowledge about Japanese people. They are so different to Western people. But I didn’t give up. Indeed, the more I discover they are different the more I wanted to know them more. That’s because I’m curios about everything is different than my home country culture. I wish one day I could travel throughout all the countries located in the other side of the world. I think these are the main reasons why I started to study foreign languages and Asian studies in University L’Orientale in Naples and the reason why I’m doing my first internship in London. This isn’t my first time in London, actually. I’ve been here several times because my sister used to study in this city and she’s currently working here. Thanks to her I travelled many times in England and I realized how London is a cultural melting pot. For a Japanese culture addicted like me is marvelous. There are a wide range of places where you can find Japanese merchandise, … Read more

Places in London

Hello! It is Dorian again! I’m the new intern at the EC Euston reception in EC London? Today I’m going to talk to you about the different places where I have been in London since I arrived. The place which impressed me the most is sky garden, it’s a garden with a pub on the top of a big building. From this place you can look at all London. It’s just amazing because you are at the fiftieth floor of a building in a very beautiful green garden watching at the beautiful city of London all around you. Obviously, it’s much better when it’s about 9pm because you can see the sunset. More importantly, it’s free! Another place which marked me a lot was Camden Town. It’s a market street where you can buy various interesting things. That’s a good place to buy for example covers for your phone, British souvenirs and clothes. The street is very beautiful because many shops have their own special design. Words cannot express how stunning they are, you need to go to see by your eyes! The funniest part for me is that I can negotiate prices with all the sellers. In the most cases they will tell you that a keyring costs 10 pounds but you can tell them “ok its too much I will take it for 4 pounds” and eventually you will buy it with 6 pounds (it’s just an example). Personally, I enjoy the process of bargain so much! Additionally, it’s the punk rock neighborhood of London where you can find the true punk English people who are interested in tattoos and piercings and so on.   For me these two places are crazy and are absolutely “a must to do” in London. Dorian.

Hello, I’m the new intern !

Hello, My Name is Dorian, I am the new Student Services intern of EC London. I’m 20 years old and I’m French ?. I was born in the real countryside of France in the south west. During my childhood, as every boy I loved playing video games and watching dragon ball (and I still love it ahahaha) I got a scientific secondary school diploma and then I entered in a business school in Bordeaux (famous French city for the wine in the south west). I am currently studying international business. I would like to get an MBA to become an export manager or another job related with international business in order to not live in France. I am interning in EC school because I want to improve my level of English., I’m also meeting a lot of people from all around the world (Chinese, Brazilian, Saudi Arabian, Russian etc…) which is very important for me to know the different mindsets of people to work abroad. I have been learning English since I’m 12 years old, and last year I got 6.5 at the International English testing system (IELTS) which has allowed me to continue my studies abroad. Next September I’m going to study in the international business school of Dublin and I will continue my life in Dublin instead of France. I am very excited about it especially that my life will be completely in English. I love travelling to discover something different, I especially love countries from the east of Europe (Scandinavian and Slavic countries), for example I have been in Norway… I’m also currently learning Russian for one year. Indeed, my business school is asking us to learn two languages in addition to French and as I mentioned before I like Slavic cultures that’s why I chose Russian. … Read more