EC UK Football tournament

10 teams from all 4 EC UK schools battled it out for the EC “World Cup” in a soccer tournament in Reading on Sunday 7th August 2011. Despite some very heavy rain, the winners were “Cambridge Diablo” who beat “Brighton Allstars” 4-3 in the grand final.

A day out in Cardiff

Day out in Cardiff… For those who ventured all the way to Cardiff they were greeted with some morning sunshine. First stop around the city was a trip to Cardiff Castle. Situated right in the heart of the city it has been built on the existing ground of the old castle. Once inside we saw the original keep and wandered around the lavishly decorated living quarters inside the walls. We then stopped for lunch in the grounds where we found some new friends in the form of peacocks which are free to roam inside. Afterwards we headed to the nearby Cardiff museum, close to the university. There we learnt a little about Welsh culture and some history of Cardiff itself. Not the most exciting museum in the world the St Fagans museum just outside Cardiff is more interactive but on this occasion we did not have time to go there. With the light fading we caught a local train to the newly developed bay area where we settled down for some food and drinks by the water. By then it was getting busy with locals starting to have a few drinks after the Wales rugby match. We stayed there for a while as they drowned their sorrows and the temperature dropped and only braved it outside when we headed home to catch the train.

Returning to study at EC London… for the 14th time!

For Claude Jomini from Switzerland, coming back to study at EC London is an Easy Choice. Read the interview below to find out why he chooses EC London and his recommendations for making the most of your time in London. How many times have you studied at EC London? At the moment I come back to EC School for the 14th time. The first time was in 23rd September 2002 when the school was called “The Cambridge School of English”, and in total there are 46 weeks or 230 days, it makes about 2 or 3 years.   What makes you return? Depends of the sense of the word return? When I go back home I’m sad to leave EC School, but my knowledge in English has increased! When I come back to EC School, I’m very happy to find “my family” again and to enrich my favourite language.   What changes have you seen since you started coming here? Firstly, the name of the school (see 1). In the beginning, after each stay, I wrote a letter to the Director of studies to give him/her my feeling about the school and to make my suggestions to improve the performance especially about the teaching level. No I have to admit that all has been put into effect. Congratulations and thanks very much!   How would you describe the teaching approach at EC London? The message or the image about teaching is to give to all the students from all countries the highest level in English, in the best conditions, according to each class and in an attractive and perfect school.   What have been your favourite lessons? My favourite lessons have been an intermediate class with the teaching team of John S and Mick in May and June 2007. All … Read more

Multi-destination EC Teachers!

You may have heard of our Multi-Destination Programme which enables EC students to spend 12 weeks in 2 or more of our EC schools, for example, 12 weeks in London and 12 weeks in Malta. It’s a great way to experience different English-speaking countries and different varieties of English, with the advantage of the familiarity of an EC school. But it’s not just our students who are Multi-destinational…our teachers sometimes work in different centres too. For example, here at EC London, we have a teacher who has taught at EC Cape Town, three who have taught at EC Malta and one who has taught at EC Brighton. Some of our non-teaching staff that work in Reception have also worked in other centres around the world. So,  if you’d like to know more about life and study in another EC location, why not ask one of our Multi-destination teachers or staff? They’d love to tell you about the culture and the best places to visit! Grammar spot: Many students find it difficult to use the words in bold above. What kind of words are they and why do we use them?