EC UK Football tournament

10 teams from all 4 EC UK schools battled it out for the EC “World Cup” in a soccer tournament in Reading on Sunday 7th August 2011. Despite some very heavy rain, the winners were “Cambridge Diablo” who beat “Brighton Allstars” 4-3 in the grand final.

A day out in Cardiff

Day out in Cardiff… For those who ventured all the way to Cardiff they were greeted with some morning sunshine. First stop around the city was a trip to Cardiff Castle. Situated right in the heart of the city it has been built on the existing ground of the old castle. Once inside we saw the original … Read more

Multi-destination EC Teachers!

You may have heard of our Multi-Destination Programme which enables EC students to spend 12 weeks in 2 or more of our EC schools, for example, 12 weeks in London and 12 weeks in Malta. It’s a great way to experience different English-speaking countries and different varieties of English, with … Read more