Presentation on Sweden!

Presentation on Sweden at the EC English language school in London! Have you ever listened to ABBA, bought something from IKEA or used Spotify? Did you know ABBA was a Swedish pop group and the companies IKEA and Spotify were founded in Sweden?  Even more information were included in the presentation on Sweden! It was held twice during the previous Thursday, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Delicious Swedish candy such as Marabou milk chocolate and Ahlgrens bilar were provided during the presentation. You could not join us? Do not worry! We give a brief summary of the Swedish presentation below. In general: Location: Scandinavia, northern Europe. Companies founded in Sweden: IKEA, H&M, Spotify, Skype and Volvo. Well known candy: Marabou milk chocolate, Ahlbrens bilar and Djungelvrål, love it! Dishes: Herring and potatoes with dill and eggs, sandwich cake, crisp bread and falun sausage with macaroni. Famous people:  Zlatan Ibrahimovic – football player. He has played for a several clubs such as Barcelona, Ajax, Swedish national team and much more. ABBA – pop group. MAMMA MIA, Here I go again! Yes, you are singing one of ABBA’s songs! Zara Larsson – pop singer-songwriter. Maybe you have listened to Ruin my life, Lush Life or recognise her name from the Top 50 on Spotify? Avicii – DJ, remix artist and record producer If you have not, listen to his songs, for instance Wake me up, Without You or Waiting for Love.  Astrid Lindgren – Writer. One of her famous characters might be more familiar, Pippi Longstocking! Have great day! Or in Swedish, ha en bra dag! EC London, Alice

Feedback from a Russian student!

Hi, My name is Grigoriy, I’m a previous student at EC London from Russia. I chose to attend to EC because they offer the opportunity to study in cities and countries all around the world. I got two birds in one stone, travelling and studying, which I found really convenient! Another reason why I picked EC is because of the really good prices they offer. It is not too expensive! I would describe EC London as perfect and fantastic! Everything was good. The most unforgettable memories of EC are the positive relationships between each other and the great atmosphere! My favourite places to hang out in the evenings are different ones, but in Sunday afternoon I prefer Leicter Square. I would definitely recommend this english language school London to a friend, actually I would recommend EC to all of my friends. Best Wishes, Grigoriy

My first weeks as an intern at EC London

My name is Alice, I’m a Swedish intern from Gothenburg, which is the second biggest city in Sweden. For seven weeks, I am doing my intern in the main reception at EC London. During my stay, I live in a host family just like some of the students from EC do. I have got the great opportunity to do my intern abroad through the project called Erasmus+ that my upper secondary school offers. I study my third year in the programme economics focusing on the business and entrepreneurship. This is my fourth week at EC London and time passes by so quickly. A week of work in the main receptionist contains different assignments. On Mondays when new students arrive, my task is firstly to take photos of students for their student ID cards. Moreover, I am in charge of updating student information in our system, picking up post, sending emails, answering phone calls, printing documents and much more. On Fridays when students are leaving, there is a farewell ceremony that I have been in charge of sometimes. We also print next week’s social programme and change the posters on the news board. In addition, I update on EC’s Instagram account @eclondon_uk.   As the days continued I began to get to know the staff and the environment of EC London. The staff are really nice and welcoming and I enjoy to work in EC’s atmosphere. Therefore, I would consider EC London as a pleasant place to work at. The reception job was a new experience for me, which so far has been challenging, instructively and interesting.   To sum up, I am pleased to have this opportunity to be in London and do my internship at EC London! If you would like to join me to learn English in London, … Read more

Buenos Dias in EC London!

Buenos Dias guys! Yesterday at EC London school we had a culture day which was launched by 30+ and 30+ students from all over the world. They offered free Spanish lesson and I enjoyed a lot! During the lesson I learned how to say good morning in Spanish: Buenos dias. There were so many activities happened and all 16+ and 30+ students were invited! As goings-on the school proposed Lithuanian and Spanish lessons, Belly dance, Salsa and Ciranda for dancing a little bit. More splendid thing was, we also had food from different countries of our students to share with everyone. At last but not least there was also an exhibition of east Asian culture! I joined the Spanish lesson with two my colleagues. We learnt how to have a basic discussion, which is quite easy for me because I am an Italian tongue.  It’s nice that in our school there is a chance to learn other culture! EC London also offer courses of Teaching English as a second language. You are more than welcomed to visit our school, if you’d like to learn more!    

Lia - the new inten

Lia Our New Intern

Hello everyone, I’m Lia Pini from the Italian part of Switzerland. I’m 22 years old and I will be a part of the EC London Team as Student Service Intern for five months! EC London also has DELTA training courses, if you’d like to know more about Teaching English as a second language, you are welcomed to visit our website. Something more about me: I graduated in an art school: I’m a weaver and then I started a tourism’s school. I’m also a Ski Instructor. Since I was six I have done many ski races; it’s a sport that I love so much and I can’t live without! In my free time, I like hiking and photographing the nature. I traveled a lot around the world: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Austria, Greece, Egypt, Thailand, California, Utah, New York, … but I love Switzerland the most. That’s why, if you never been there, I strongly recommend you go! In my country we speak 4 languages: Italian, French, German and Romansh. A phrase that inspires me is: “Travelling is winning a fight against the habit.” (A quote by Paul Morand)  

Shamyr Satar experienced Englisg teaching courses in London

Shamyr Satar is sitting for an IELTS preparation course at EC London

Shamyr Satar experienced  IELTS preparation courses in London He spent two months in London to improve his English and he really did. The reason he chose to study with EC in London was the localization of the company, in the centre of the city which makes it easy to get there. Shamyr also liked the architecture and the life style in the city, and of course the British accent. At EC he liked the staff and the class dynamics. He also says that he made a lot of friend at EC and that will be and unforgettable memory. Shamyr’s favourite places to hang out on weekends or afternoons are Hyde Park or Tower Bridge. He would definitely recommend EC to a friend.

My first two weeks as an intern at EC London

When I first arrived at EC London I was immediately set to work. I arrived on a Monday morning, the same time as every other new student arrives. My first task was to take pictures of the new students for their student cards. As the day continued I began to get to know the staff and the environment of EC London. Suzie Abrahamson gave me and my college Alexandra a tour of the building as well. Everyone was super nice to us and we felt like we belonged instantly. As of now I have worked at EC for about three weeks and time passes by so quickly. I am working in the 30+ reception with Giulia and Saima. We get along very nice and I am very satisfied with my working environment. A day of work usually contains me filling in papers, chasing students and emailing about various problems. During a week here no day is the same. Mondays and Fridays are probably the most different because it is the day that the students leave or arrive. I was happily surprised that EC London has such an open atmosphere. If I need help with something I can always go to anyone, regardless of their position in the firm. I’m looking forward to the rest of my stay and I hope that it will be just as good as my first three weeks. /Magnus

Food Markets after ESL courses at London

Food Markets you can visit in London!

  Everyone knows one of the best parts about travelling is trying different food and eating and drinking more than you would when you’re home ? London is a hub for all cultures, which reflects on the food options you find on the streets. From Brazilian to Japanese, Ethiopian to Mexican… you name it. When you are with a big group or can’t decide what to eat, food markets are a great option and London has great ones! Wouldn’t it be nice to go to a food market after ESL Courses at EC London? Brick Lane has a market every weekend with lots of Asian and south American food. The smells mixed together make you feel you are somewhere else. Old Spitalfields Market, quieter, also offers a variety of treats, from fish and chips to vegan Ethiopian food! There are also some cute shops for those who want more than food. Brixton has a small street market, with Indian, Peruvian and Lebanese food, amongst others. Brixton Pop Up, next to the market, has several food stalls and bars and it is the perfect place for a drink or dinner, especially during summer nights. And because everyone loves Italian food, Mercato Metropolitano is the ideal place to get the perfect arancino or that risotto you can’t get enough of. You will also find nice Italian wines there. Wherever you go and whatever mood you are in, you will surely find something to satisfy you!

ielts courses at ec london

Pedro from Brazil to London

Pedro went back to Brazil last weeked after a month in our school. He met a lot of students here that are now new friends! We are all going to miss him! Pedro has written a testimonial for you all to read, here you go:     I came to EC because my friends adviced me. I love London because of his famous places to visit. About the school I like the teachers and the building, very central. I can’t choose only one memory about EC, I will remember eveything. I of course would recommend EC to my friends, because I had my best experience here yet. In London you can try many restaurants and you have many parks like Green Park. Come back soon to join again one of our IELTS Courses at EC London.

Being a Vegetarian in London

London is a great place for vegetarians to find delicious foods. Every restaurant, pub and café caters for vegetarians, so you can always eat a proper meal, wherever you go (veggie burgers in pubs are awesome!). However, some restaurants are vegetarian only and are a must-try, for vegetarians and non-vegetarians!     A few of my favourite restaurants: 222 Veggie Vegan has a vegan menu only, with a variety of dishes from seitan stroganoff to nut roast and delicious desserts like vegan chocolate cake with ice cream. Located in West Brompton, it is a bit outside of central London but definitely worth a visit. The Gate has three different branches so you can choose which is more suitable for you. It caters for vegetarians and vegans and their banoffee dessert is the best thing in the world. Quite a fancy restaurant, it is ideal for special occasions. Mildreds has to be one of the best restaurants in London! With several branches around London (there is one 10min walking from EC London!), it is always crowded as they do not accept bookings. The curry is brilliant, the corn chips with guac are amazing and the burgers are even better. It really is hard to decide what to order! Fed by Water is an Italian vegan restaurant that serves the most amazing bread basket – the basket is actually made of bread! The pasta is delicious and I am sure the pizza is as good – but it will have to wait until my next visit. On my to try list: Vanilla Black – an elegant vegetarian restaurant, ideal for special occasions; and Manna – a small restaurant in Primrose Hill. And a few others that are very good as well: Sagar – Indian, Tibits – different cuisines, Itadakizen – Japanese and … Read more