Halloween in London!

You can study English in London but it’s not all you can do! Here you have the chance to read how we celebrated the big event of Halloween. On the second of November, EC Halloween party took place in Bloomsbury Lanes! More than 200 students, teachers and staff were there from the beginning of the evening. The evening immediately became animated. The 8 attractive bowling lanes were active from the beginning! A lot of people played, try to better themselves and of course the opponents. At 19:00 we served the infamous pizza. That was very much appreciated by all. Everyone had the possibility to play unlimited games! Bowling, karaoke, table tennis, table soccer and billiards. Which party would be without a bar? Three waiters were ready to satisfy the costumer’s request behind the big bar! For obvious reasons, to let in just EC students and friends, there were two security guards at the entrance. People could leave their jackets and coats at reception because someone was looking after them. We advised students to wear some Halloween costumes or just wear some make up and they did a wonderful job! Everybody had different ideas: from the scariest one to the funniest! At the party were: vampires, bleeding nurses, policemen, clowns, living skeletons, ghosts, devils, but also Alice in wonderland, chickens, teletubbies, cowboys, tigers, cats, super heroes, unicorns and more! It was beautiful to see students so happy! The most intrepid even remained to celebrate and have fun until sunrise! EC London is active with a lot of charities. In fact, the ticket cost was to cover the cost of the party, a slice of pizza and the rest went to 3 different charity! To finish our adventure during this fantastic evening, here are a couple of shots that will remain in … Read more


Jeans for genes in EC London

EC offers various English Courses in London and that’s not all. Last Friday we did something amazing! As usual every year we help the charity jeans for genes. Raising money to make a difference for children affected by genetic disorders it’s important for us. On the 20th September we prepared a bake sale for the whole day that our students and staff appreciated a lot! We are grateful to have raised £116.62 for them. Since we promoted the event in the classes and on social media, on the day EC London was awash with jeans. Now we liked to share with all you some pictures of this special day!

Buenos Dias in EC London!

Buenos Dias guys! Yesterday at EC London school we had a culture day which was launched by 30+ and 30+ students from all over the world. They offered free Spanish lesson and I enjoyed a lot! During the lesson I learned how to say good morning in Spanish: Buenos dias. There were so many activities happened and all 16+ and 30+ students were invited! As goings-on the school proposed Lithuanian and Spanish lessons, Belly dance, Salsa and Ciranda for dancing a little bit. More splendid thing was, we also had food from different countries of our students to share with everyone. At last but not least there was also an exhibition of east Asian culture! I joined the Spanish lesson with two my colleagues. We learnt how to have a basic discussion, which is quite easy for me because I am an Italian tongue.  It’s nice that in our school there is a chance to learn other culture! EC London also offer courses of Teaching English as a second language. You are more than welcomed to visit our school, if you’d like to learn more!    

Lara Friday at EC London

On 16th August to celebrate the end of summer and remember a very special Miss Lara Jones – we held a Lara Friday event across every EC London school – at Euston, Covent Garden and the Junior schools in Bushey and Catford. Everyone came dressed in bright colours and laden with cakes, which we then sold in the break time and in 15 minutes made over £200! We also held a book, CD and DVD sale throughout the day and ran a student and teacher raffle. The raffle was immensely popular, with top prizes such as champagne and free private lessons. It was a great day for everyone involved and a fantastic opportunity to remember Lara and raise awareness of the Lara Foundation. We raised a grand total of over £1600 across all four centres, which was brilliant!

EC London Bake Sale

Recent weeks have seen two Bake Sales at EC London. Niva, Kat, Daphne and Joelle offered delicious home-made treats to students and staff to help raise money for the Great South Run, which they’ve been training for over the last couple of months. So far, we have raised just over £310! This Friday, EC London will hold another Lara Friday – there will be cakes, books, games and lots and lots of fun!