EC Teacher Profile- Prakash Parmar

EC London has many fantastic teachers, and one of the longest-serving and most loved is Prakash Parmar. Prakash started teaching at EC London after completing his Celta course in 2010, and has taught at EC ever since.  Prakash has taught all levels of English, and is currently one of EC’s Ielts teachers.  We caught up with Prakash to find out why he decided to become a teacher, why he enjoys it, and what advice he would give to other teachers. Why did you decide to become a language teacher? Prakash: “I decided to do a Celta course in London with EC because I had studied French at university and was interested in languages. I also thought English language teaching had a lot of potential in terms of where I could go and what  I could do. And I thought  teaching would be fun. ”   What do you like about teaching? Prakash: “I like language teaching because every day is different, and I get the chance to meet different people from all over the world, which is really interesting and fun. Seeing my students make progress is really rewarding as well, especially in the case of an exam class like Ielts, so I like that aspect of the job. I have only taught at EC, but I love the school because there is a real focus on academics, and everyone on the staff is very passionate about teaching. ” What advice would you give to new teachers? Prakash: ” I would say never be afraid to try new things in class and to test new ideas. If something doesn’t work, treat it as a learning experience. Also, ask other teachers for help and advice. Everyone has different ideas and it’s always good to get a different perspective, and other teachers are … Read more

Lia - the new inten

Lia Our New Intern

Hello everyone, I’m Lia Pini from the Italian part of Switzerland. I’m 22 years old and I will be a part of the EC London Team as Student Service Intern for five months! EC London also has DELTA training courses, if you’d like to know more about Teaching English as a second language, you are welcomed to visit our website. Something more about me: I graduated in an art school: I’m a weaver and then I started a tourism’s school. I’m also a Ski Instructor. Since I was six I have done many ski races; it’s a sport that I love so much and I can’t live without! In my free time, I like hiking and photographing the nature. I traveled a lot around the world: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Austria, Greece, Egypt, Thailand, California, Utah, New York, … but I love Switzerland the most. That’s why, if you never been there, I strongly recommend you go! In my country we speak 4 languages: Italian, French, German and Romansh. A phrase that inspires me is: “Travelling is winning a fight against the habit.” (A quote by Paul Morand)  

Coffe and Conversation 9/6/10

For this week’s coffee and conversation class I was joined by three students from South Korea, Eunzoo, Heather and Hyeiy. After we’d introduced ourselves and talked a little about studying English and where we are from, we got talking about childhood. We began by sharing our earliest memories and why we thought we remembered them. Eunzoo talked about staying with her grandparents in the countryside and she described it so well I could almost picture it. We all had some very happy memories of childhood, but we also talked about how sad memories were sometimes stronger than happy ones. All the students remembered being quite well-behaved as children but we all agreed that most teenagers go through a stage where they are a bit rebellious! We then talked a bit about how different our parents’ and grandparents’ childhoods would have been. In South Korea, childhoods 20 or more years ago would have been much harder in some ways as children would have had to work and most families would have been poorer than they are now. However, the students described to me how hard modern South Korean children are expected to study. There is a lot of pressure to get good grades and get a place at a good university. I was shocked to hear that Eunzoo, Heather and Hyeiy all went to school from 7am until 10pm and often had a private teacher come to their home for more study! Sleeping only 3 hours a night is very common, apparently. We all agreed that school children in the UK have a much easier time in this respect. It was a very informative and interesting discussion this week and I felt I learnt a lot about the students and their experiences. I am looking forward to the next class! Saffron

EC Teacher Conference 2010: meeting, sharing and developing together

Saturday 30th January saw the first EC Teacher conference, with teachers from EC London, EC Cambridge and EC Brighton (as well as Nadya and Cristina from EC Malta) all spending their Saturday at the London school to meet, share and learn together. With opening and closing plenary  sessions led by Russell Stannard (Webwatcher) and Ian Lebeau (author – Language Leader) and  a range of other sessions on Music in the classsroom, Corpus Linguistics, Error Correction, Business Frameworks, Gems on the Web, Using dictionaries, Exploiting graded readers, TOEFL iBT, young learner materials, Cambridge short courses and Teaching Pronunciation, there was something for everyone to take on board, take away and take into their next lesson! Immediate feedback was positive, with teachers saying: “I feel motivated…really inspired!” “I’ll be trying that website Russell recommended on Tuesday with my advanced class- it’s fanstastic” “This was excellent…I have lesson ideas ready now till at least September!” There was a treasure hunt, with the treasure being a toy penguin and a free book from Pearson and a raffle at the end of the day (called by EC London’s Centre Director, Bernard Dodds), with many EC teachers walking away with a bottle or book-shaped prize (the bottles were surprisingly more popular!) and the event was supported by the surely-on-their-way-to-a-Michelin-star Cafe Team who laid on refreshments, a banquet buffet and drinks and crostini to end the day. A very successful  conference for EC Teachers – surely the first of many! Look what Gareth and Kendra found! Raffle prizes (Sam, Caron and Natasha not included) Opening plenary with Russell Stannard Cambridge Short courses with Jacky Newbrook For more info, go to: