Gramos Cafe

Nowadays, coffee is taken very seriously and people are becoming more and more particular about the coffee that they drink, where it comes from and how it is brewed. In answer to this, the cafe at EC London, Gramos Ltd, uses ‘the science of coffee’ to perfect the variety of drinks that they serve to the students and staff who work in the building. Gramos As a fruit of the earth, coffee, by nature, is a seasonal product. Gramos uses 100% arabica, specialty graded Allpress coffee. In using this particular supplier, throughout the year, the source of the coffee beans varies. This is to ensure consistent flavour all year round. Source countries include, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Indonesia and Ethiopia. As well as coffee from these countries individually, Gramos also tend to use a blend from several. Gramos’ USP is the coffee itself. Therefore, each portion of ground coffee is weighed, pressed and poured to scientific specificity. This ensures the smoothest drink with the best taste. This is a breath of fresh air for those who are used to a more production-line or commercial type of experience. As well as the coffee that they serve, they also serve fresh food. Home made sandwiches, fruit and sweet treats make up their coffee accompaniments. One of the main things to note, though is not just the coffee, but the service experience that the baristas provide. Everyone who works at Gramos is a lovely individual and genuinely enjoy what they do. This is testament to the way they are treated and this all comes across in the service.   If you are thinking of doing a Celta course at EC London , coffee may well be your best friend. Click on the link to find out more about the courses we offer and open the … Read more

Movie Nights at EC

As part of the social programme for students at EC London, movie night takes place once a week. Movies so far have included Race, The Imitation Game and Into the Wild. The students are given a choice of two or three movies and the most popular goes on. Along with the film, there is also food and drink like pop corn, crisps and soft drinks. Benefits for Students Socialising One of the great benefits of movie night is the fantastic opportunity before and after to meet other students from all over the world, make new friends and practice English with them. This could be in the form of general conversation or discussing the film once it has finished. Also, by making new friends, students may have a long-term ability to practice their English more and more if they meet their friends more and more after classes. Listening Practice and Language Exposure Frequently hearing natural spoken English is a benefit to students’ listening abilities. Also, frequent exposure to a certain grammar point may train the ear to recognise how the grammar sounds. After all, native speakers do not necessarily recognise the individual words that make up grammar, but instead recognise how it sounds. With subtitles students can also pick up new vocabulary. All in all though, whether actively or passively students will be consolidating practice they have had in class This Week Forrest Gump vs Passengers If you are a student looking for a chance to meet other students of a variety of nationalities and practice both your speaking and listening, why don’t you come along to the next event? If you are thinking of taking a Celta course, click to find out more about our courses at EC with an extremely experienced team. This could be the start of your journey … Read more

EC Charity Day (Vegan Lunch)

Over the years, EC London has prided itself on its charity fundraising events. Be it a bake sale, a collection for the homeless or jeans for genes, the school has raised thousands of pounds for worthy causes. The latest event to take place was a staff room lunch, vegan no less. It was organised by one of the EC teachers, Amanda Vega, and the aim of this veritable spread of food was ultimately to raise money for Cancer Research UK, but had the secondary benefit of promoting a delicious vegan menu. The Menu Savoury Vegan Pasta (made by Andrew Jeffery) Jamaican Curry (made by Melissa Perkins) Shakshuka (made by Sarah Mendoza) Dahl (made by Alex Crowney) Vegan Risotto (made by Jess Conway) Pumpkin Soup (made by Anna Swinden) Humous (made by Amanda Vega) Sweet Vegan Victoria Sponge Cake (made by Prakash Parmar) Banana Doughnuts (made by Sarah Mendoza) Apple Crumble (made by Amanda Vega) All this and more made sure that the staff was not left wanting.   One of the best things about this day was the sheer variety on show with dishes from Italian to Indian, from Jamaican to South African. Safe to say, all tastes were covered. The Cause Cancer Research UK aims to limit and reduce the number or those affected by cancer and is the worlds biggest independent cancer research charity. This research is almost completely funded by the public and this is why events like these are so important. What Was Raised After all the hard work by the teacher-come-chefs and the generous donations from the rest of the staff, the event managed to raise £118.58, all of which has gone straight to Cancer Research UK. . If you are thinking of trying something new yourself, take a look at our teaching English courses … Read more

Christmas Lights in London

  If you are into Christmas and you love nothing more than getting into the festive spirit, what better way to do so than to wander around London, taking in all of Christmas lighting on show. From tasteful to tacky, take a look at the following list for the best lights on show in the capital this December. Carnaby Street Definitely at the tacky end of the Christmas light spectrum, but beautifully and charmingly tacky it is. Each year brings a different theme and this year’s is ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. In honour of Queen and the release of the film released this year, the street is filled overhead with bright lyrics from the famous song. Line by line of Bohemian Rhapsody, sing your way down the street as you stroll under the colourful lights. Regent’s Street Slightly more high-end and and tasteful, Regent’s Street has a slightly more mesmerising feel. You will see bright white angel after bright white angel and their sheer size and juxtaposition against the night sky will captivate you. Kew Gardens London’s famous gardens are beautiful enough during the day, but to see them lit up at night is like walking into a neon wonderland. This is still a new experience in London so if you are interested in beautiful gardens combined with Christmas lights, book as soon as possible. Covent Garden This wonderful square and market in the heart of London needs no introduction as already one of the most beautiful places to visit. But, during December, Covent Garden is simply magical. Not only are there numerous Christmas lights, but there is also the famous Christmas tree. All this and the street performances make for a great evening.   Looking for a new year’s resolution and want a new challenge? Why not do a Celta in … Read more

The Bloomsbury Group

What is The Bloomsbury Group? The Bloomsbury Group is a group that was set up in EC London 30+ in 2016. Students who are studying for ten weeks or more are welcome to join. The purpose is to bring long-term students from different levels together to share experiences, talk about their studies and to enjoy a variety of events. The group is organised by teachers Jess, Ayan and Chris who are all long-standing members of the EC staff. This week’s event This week was an important event for a group of newcomers to The Bloomsbury Group. The meet and greet event took place in the 30+ study area. This was an opportunity for students, new and old, to get to know each other and share experiences. One of the most useful things to come out of this was the sharing of  the students’ personal study skills. By sharing tips and learning experiences, the students were able to leave with a variety of learning methods and techniques to take into their own studies. Also, students were able to give advice on how to make the most of their time outside of the school. With all student ideas teamed with the teacher’s local knowledge, all were able to take away at least two new places to visit in London. All events All Bloomsbury Group events provide a comfortable environment for students to meet other students, share experiences and have fun. Food and drink is provided and the meet and greet is just the start. Other events have included sewing, a book club and various outings including cinema, museum and theatre visits. Are you also looking for a comfortable environment to learn new skills? EC runs a Celta course in London so click to find out more if you think that a career … Read more

Pizza by the Metre

Sartori Restaurant, London Sartori is located close to Leicester Square so is a great location for transport and continuing the party after your meal. It is predominantly Italian staff, making it an authentic experience in all aspects. Pizza Pizza by the metre does sound like a gimmick and I suppose in some respects it is. However, if that pizza is an authentic wood-fired pizza, gimmick becomes pure heaven in an instant. I have been to Sartori at least twenty times and I haven’t once been disappointed. There are countless pizzas to choose from and don’t think that you are limited to just one when you are designing your metre. One metre can comprise four types of pizza. Therefore, a metre will typically feed four people comfortably. Atmosphere It is a popular restaurant and booking is advised. This results in a lively atmosphere throughout the place so is ideal for a group or party. Downstairs is the wood-fire oven so you can see you pizza being made with all fresh ingredients. All in All A perfect place for both group and smaller bookings and really is comfort food of the highest order. Fully recommended for any pizza lover!  Sartori is the perfect place to celebrate obtaining your Celta certificate with your coursemates. Click to find out more about our teaching English courses in London at EC London.

4 Books for Celta Preparation

  If you are looking to swat up before delving into the world of Celta, here are my top 4 recommendations not only to best prepare yourself, but also to support you throughout your London Celta course:   How English Works One of the early and most glaring issues for me as a prospective English language teacher was my distinct lack of knowledge when it came to grammar. This was shared by the majority of candidates on the course. One book which saved me on a number of occasions was How English Works. Explanations are short, yet concise, it is very user friendly and offers self study activities that really consolidate what you have learned. It is comprehensive in the grammar areas covered and will guarantee that you always stay at least one step ahead of the students in your class, who might surprise you with their own knowledge of the language system.   Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom Like many teacher development books, don’t think about reading it from cover to cover. Prior to starting your course, choose areas which are of interest to you. During the course, use it as a reference point for any essay you write. It is a goldmine of teaching tips delivered succinctly and offers food for thought when reflecting on your own teaching.   Learner English Considering this course, it is very likely that you at least slightly worldly or at least interested in other cultures. This book will open your eyes to how speakers of other languages learn English, how their languages differ and what difficulties students have. It is an absolute must when it comes to the part of the course requiring candidates to analyse learners. Perhaps most importantly, though, if you know the problems students have, you will be … Read more

Secret London

London provides an extremely rich variety of activities for all tastes. When spoilt for choice, though, it can be difficult to make your mind up. But don’t worry, the staff at EC London has offered some of their local wisdom, particularly for those looking for something a little bit off the beaten track. Check out what they had to say… Bushy Park Bushy Park is my go-to place whenever I need to be in nature or feel better. It has healing properties. I love it there! Melissa (Teacher) John Soane’s Museum It’s a wonderful museum of Soane’s private collection in his own house. It’s a unique museum that will take your breath away. Mick (Teacher) Chislehurst Caves The Chislehurst Caves are about 30 mins outside of London and they are HUGE, over 20 miles of dark and mysterious passageways. They have been used to film numerous TV programmes, like Doctor Who, and rock stars such as Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones have all played there live! And to make them even more exciting, they are really really haunted… go visit! Suzie (Student Services Manager) Leake Street Tunnel Hidden only 5 minutes from Waterloo is one of central London’s legal graffiti areas. I love it there; some of the art is mind-blowing and it’s different every time. Dan (Student Services Coordinator) Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park It’s a big beautiful park with a lake, a maze, and lots of very strange looking dinosaurs! It’s a great place for picnics. Jess (Teacher) Top Secret Comedy Club It’s a great place to go and watch comedy as it’s central, very affordable and always a fun evening. Lots of laughter, without fail! Andy (Teacher) Should you be considering a Celta teaching course in London, these hidden gems offer the perfect way to unwind and … Read more

Kim’s Celta Testimonial

  Have you ever wondered if English teaching was for you? Well, if you are considering a Celta course, why not check out Kim’s testimonial, the course at EC London, to better understand what it takes to gain the world-renowned certificate. Kim’s experience “I completed the Celta course at EC London over a 3-month period, attending two evenings per week plus most Saturdays. The course tutors made us feel welcome and well supported from the start, and along with the central location, modern, friendly environment and up to date technology, this gave me confidence that I could succeed. Assessment started very early in the course and continued each week. There were tight, but achievable deadlines for the written work, with feedback being given promptly so that I had time to make any changes or improvements. Teaching practice was assessed fairly, with specific comments and suggestions which enabled me to develop my skills. As students on the course we were encouraged to self-assess, and to give and accept feedback from each other. The tutors modelled good practice for the teaching activities throughout, so that we had an arsenal of good ideas for our assessed teaching practice. This included support and encouragement for what to do if things did not go as planned (or suggestions for what to do next time)! Having completed this course, I know I have a qualification which includes assessed teaching practice and which is well respected. I have felt confident at job interviews because of this and have been working since completing the course. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to do their Celta at EC. One of our last sessions was on hints and tips for interviews, and how to get work. Shortly after I applied to EC London for a job, was successful at interview and … Read more