Celebrating Christmas in England

It is December and that can only mean one thing. Christmas! Do you celebrate Christmas in your country? I you do, how do you celebrate? Celebrations in your country are undoubtedly as unique and special as our traditions here in England! So, what do we do here to enjoy this special time of year? The Tree No Christmas is complete without a tree in your living room, be it a real fir tree or an artificial tree. These days, more people are buying artificial trees with snow, fir cones and red berries on the branches. Some people love big tall trees that touch the ceiling while other people look for small trees in pots that can be put in the garden after Christmas to continue growing ready for next December. People spend time decorating their tree with twinkling fairy lights and lovely round baubles in rich beautiful colours such as red, gold and silver. After the tree is finished, families put their gifts to each other underneath it wrapped in beautiful coloured paper. With the introduction of artificial trees many families now decorate their homes at the very beginning of December. If you walk around the streets of England, you will see many beautifully decorated houses both inside and out! Christmas Eve – the 24th December In England, Christmas Eve is a day full of excitement and anticipation but unlike Europe, we don’t usually spend this day with family, eat traditional food or open gifts in the evening. Instead, we may go to work during the day and in the evening celebrate with friends in a restaurant or pub. Excitement is in the air and everyone is in a fantastic mood ready for the next day. Some people use this day to do some last-minute Christmas shopping! Some families go … Read more

EC Virtual – EC English School Online

Taking a course with EC English school online is easy and affordable with so many of the same benefits as face-to-face learning. Here are just a few reasons to go ahead and do it. Online Lessons are convenient It is so easy to get started as all you need is a computer. Many students who wish to learn English are unable to travel right now. There are perhaps other reasons as well why it is not possible for every student to go abroad for face-to-face lessons. Whether you would like to take one-to-one private lessons or group classes, EC Virtual is very well priced. It is also very flexible so no matter what your time zone, you will be accommodated for. You can even take a free trial lesson if you want to make sure. EC Virtual Social Programme If you are thinking that you will not have enough exposure to the English language when studying online, you shouldn’t worry. EC has a social programme dedicated to students learning online. There are free lessons including pronunciation, grammar, listening and much more. There are also a number of social activities, such as quizzes, cooking lessons, EC Virtual café, all opportunities to use the English you have been learning in your classes. Before, During and after Class On EC Virtual, you will be able to combine your online experience with your time away from the computer. Your teacher will give you tasks to complete before and after your class that relate to what you are studying in the lesson. This means that you will be able to get the most out of your lessons and your free time as you will be completely ready for the lesson and you will know how to use what you have learnt afterwards as well. This … Read more

Movie Nights at EC

As part of the social programme for students at EC London, movie night takes place once a week. Movies so far have included Race, The Imitation Game and Into the Wild. The students are given a choice of two or three movies and the most popular goes on. Along with the film, there is also food and drink like pop corn, crisps and soft drinks. Benefits for Students Socialising One of the great benefits of movie night is the fantastic opportunity before and after to meet other students from all over the world, make new friends and practice English with them. This could be in the form of general conversation or discussing the film once it has finished. Also, by making new friends, students may have a long-term ability to practice their English more and more if they meet their friends more and more after classes. Listening Practice and Language Exposure Frequently hearing natural spoken English is a benefit to students’ listening abilities. Also, frequent exposure to a certain grammar point may train the ear to recognise how the grammar sounds. After all, native speakers do not necessarily recognise the individual words that make up grammar, but instead recognise how it sounds. With subtitles students can also pick up new vocabulary. All in all though, whether actively or passively students will be consolidating practice they have had in class This Week Forrest Gump vs Passengers If you are a student looking for a chance to meet other students of a variety of nationalities and practice both your speaking and listening, why don’t you come along to the next event? If you are thinking of taking a Celta course, click to find out more about our courses at EC with an extremely experienced team. This could be the start of your journey … Read more

EC Charity Day (Vegan Lunch)

Over the years, EC London has prided itself on its charity fundraising events. Be it a bake sale, a collection for the homeless or jeans for genes, the school has raised thousands of pounds for worthy causes. The latest event to take place was a staff room lunch, vegan no less. It was organised by one of the EC teachers, Amanda Vega, and the aim of this veritable spread of food was ultimately to raise money for Cancer Research UK, but had the secondary benefit of promoting a delicious vegan menu. The Menu Savoury Vegan Pasta (made by Andrew Jeffery) Jamaican Curry (made by Melissa Perkins) Shakshuka (made by Sarah Mendoza) Dahl (made by Alex Crowney) Vegan Risotto (made by Jess Conway) Pumpkin Soup (made by Anna Swinden) Humous (made by Amanda Vega) Sweet Vegan Victoria Sponge Cake (made by Prakash Parmar) Banana Doughnuts (made by Sarah Mendoza) Apple Crumble (made by Amanda Vega) All this and more made sure that the staff was not left wanting.   One of the best things about this day was the sheer variety on show with dishes from Italian to Indian, from Jamaican to South African. Safe to say, all tastes were covered. The Cause Cancer Research UK aims to limit and reduce the number or those affected by cancer and is the worlds biggest independent cancer research charity. This research is almost completely funded by the public and this is why events like these are so important. What Was Raised After all the hard work by the teacher-come-chefs and the generous donations from the rest of the staff, the event managed to raise £118.58, all of which has gone straight to Cancer Research UK. . If you are thinking of trying something new yourself, take a look at our teaching English courses … Read more

Alisa R.

Alisa student of English Language Schools in London

Testimonial from Alisa Rakhubovska Alisa R. is an Ukrainian student of English Language Schools in London, she studied here for two weeks of her holiday and she was my flatmate by the host family. She really loves London and the story of Queen Elizabeth II, here below you can read her testimonial. She heard good feedback about EC English from people in Ukraine, that’s the reason why she decided to study with us in London. In the school she made a lot of friends from different parts of the world. She loved this opportunity from the school, because then she could hang out with them. Her most unforgettable memory of EC was her first day, namely the approach of all activities, which were conduct in school for newcomers. For sure she wants to recommend our school. She liked the way of teaching. In fact, she improved her knowledge of English definitely! Asking where her favourite place is to hang out or the best things to do in London, she answer: “I like spending my time in parks or somewhere outside. In case of bad weather, I will take a drink in a cosy café.” Thank you, Alisa, for your stay and hope you enjoyed it, we wish you all the best, waiting you again here or by another EC School in the world!

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Takato had a wonderful experience at EC London!

Takato is an EC LONDON student from Japan. He wanted to take English Courses in London. It was a pleasure to meet him. He left his beautiful feedback to us to share: Why did you choose to study with EC? I chose here randomly and followed my instinct What do you like about London? What do you like about the school? People are tolerant. I like the combination of historical places and urban city. I like the atmosphere in the school and also teachers and staff. What will be your most unforgattable memory of EC? It must be meeting lots of great people. I spent unforgattable time with my friends. And, amazing teachers, they were always helpful and encourage me. Would you recommended EC to a friend? Why? Absolutely Yes! I assure than you can improve your English. Where is your favorite place to hang out in the evenings? What is the best thing to do on Sunday afternoon? I’d say wandering around in London is always good. My favorite is Tower Bridge in the evening. St James’ Park is the best place to chill out.   We are grateful for the positive feedback that Takato gave to us and feel glad that he had a great time here :).


Museums of London (Part 1)

Museums of London (Part 1)   Hello everyone!!! It’s Siham again! In my last article, I told you that next time, I’ll will show you what I visited or discovered in London! Let’s talk about Museums ? Do you know that almost all museums are FREE in London? We’re so lucky!! It’s not common in other cities! So, why not enjoy it? I haven’t visited yet all museums, but I really wish to! Today, I’ll present only BRITISH MUSEUM because I have been there many times and I knew it quite well! British Museum Standing in front of British Museum, I was excited how historical and archaic this building is! Whoa!!! I feel instantly that there must be treasures inside for us to discover!   And when I entered inside, I was surprised by the contrast between outside and inside. The modern design amazed me! It’s impressive! Gigantic! Absolutely luminous!   This museum exhibits creations of human with collections from all over the world. You can find sculptures and objects from America, Asia, Africa and Europe. I really loved the ancient Egypt! I was impressed!   There are also mummieeeees! I don’t want to tell you all the information about this museum because I really prefer you to visit it and to have a good time there ? If you want to go, it’s open daily from 10:00 until 17:30 (Friday until 20:30) And the address is: The British Museum Great Russell Street London WC1B 3DG See YA next time for another museum or place in London! If you need to have more information about IELTS Courses in London, come to visit us ?

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Wear a hat day!

During our Charity Event last Friday, 31st March 2017, we raised GBP 122.85! Here a photo of our staff last Friday. Well done everyone for wearing your amazing hats and contribute to this important cause. All the amount raised is going to support the brain tumor research. Have a look at our weekly Social Programme to see our charity events, next week we are having a special bake and books sale just before the Easter break! Here a photo of our staff last Friday.    If you would like to learn English in London and stay in our fantastic accommodation, please have a look our our London Homestay option.

Cambridge Exam Preparation in London

Meet Anetta our new Student Services Intern

  Hello, my name is Anetta Knop and I am 25 years old. I was born in the Ukraine and I have lived there until I was 9 Years Old, then my family and I moved to Hamburg in Germany where I have been living since. When somebody asked, me I would say that I have 3 Mother tongue ? It is Ukrainian, Russian and German. I am a Paratrooper in the Army since I am 17 years old and I’ve been studying there Psychology as well. I will start my Master’s degree in October so that means that I have 9 months time and for this reason I decided to come to London. In my opinion it is extremely important nowadays to have experiences abroad not only for individual development also for your CV and education and I can’t think about a better way to use my free time than to improve my English skills. I attended a Cambridge Advanced Preparation Course for three months at EC London this year, from January to March, and it was one of the best experiences of my life not only had I met a lot of people and learnt so many about different cultures which was the best part of my study at EC I also improve my English skills enormously. I was glad for the opportunity to learn in a school which is so multicultural. I can recommend EC London everybody who want a special abroad experience, I mean the school is managing all students so when you arrive you have your course, your accommodation and help every time so the only thing what students at EC must do by themselves is to enjoy the new experience and of course one of the most beautiful cities in the world. To discover … Read more

Jose, General English: “London is an excellent city to Learn English”

I choose EC for study English because it is a recognized and excellent school for learn English. London is an excellent city for learn English. The city have lots attractive tourist and you can visit a lot historical place. The school facilities are perfect and teachers are amazing and very concerned about students. The most unforgettable thing will be the new friends of all parts of the world and live in London and to know your culture. In EC London the best teacher for me, Melisa very kind and excellent teacher. I would recommend EC London because the best way to study English is in abroad and London is very beautiful. And you know people around the world and learn from their cultures. The best place to hang out in the evening is to go out with my friends for dinner and the drink in a bar or pub. I also like to go to the stadium to see Chelsea or just walking and know this beautiful city. Check out our website for more information about taking a General English Course in London.