5 New Words in the Oxford English Dictionary

Do you like words? Of course you do! If you are reading this, you are probably an English language student looking to improve your English. Well, you have definitely come to the right place! No language can be communicated without words! ‘But what about grammar?’ we hear you ask. Yes, grammar is extremely important and without some grammar it is difficult to understand the language you may be reading, listening to or even trying to use yourself. But without words, there is no grammar! How can you even produce a grammatically correct sentence if you don’t have the words to form it? So, what is one of the better ways to learn or check new vocabulary than to head to the Oxford Dictionary! Did you know that the Oxford Dictionary has 273,000 headwords? 171,476 of those words are currently used regularly. That is a lot of words! Did you know that the best thing about the Oxford Dictionary is that each year it is updated to include new words? So, what are 2020’s latest additions to the dictionary? Well, as you can probably imagine after this year, many of the new terms relate to COVID 19. Let’s take a closer look at 5 of the most important ones that you may need to use or understand. C-19 Contract Tracing Front Liner Physical distancing Zoom Simple definitions C-19 (n.) – A shortened version of COVID 19 Contract Tracing (n.) – Finding people who have been near someone who has an infectious disease. Contract tracing aims to tell these people that they should stay at home (self-isolate) for a period of time and not pass the disease on to other people. Front Liner (n.) – A person working closest to a difficult or dangerous situation. During the C-19 pandemic, doctors and nurses … Read more

Feedback from a Russian student!

Hi, My name is Grigoriy, I’m a previous student at EC London from Russia. I chose to attend to EC because they offer the opportunity to study in cities and countries all around the world. I got two birds in one stone, travelling and studying, which I found really convenient! Another reason why I picked EC is because of the really good prices they offer. It is not too expensive! I would describe EC London as perfect and fantastic! Everything was good. The most unforgettable memories of EC are the positive relationships between each other and the great atmosphere! My favourite places to hang out in the evenings are different ones, but in Sunday afternoon I prefer Leicter Square. I would definitely recommend this english language school London to a friend, actually I would recommend EC to all of my friends. Best Wishes, Grigoriy

Movie Nights at EC

As part of the social programme for students at EC London, movie night takes place once a week. Movies so far have included Race, The Imitation Game and Into the Wild. The students are given a choice of two or three movies and the most popular goes on. Along with the film, there is also food and drink like pop corn, crisps and soft drinks. Benefits for Students Socialising One of the great benefits of movie night is the fantastic opportunity before and after to meet other students from all over the world, make new friends and practice English with them. This could be in the form of general conversation or discussing the film once it has finished. Also, by making new friends, students may have a long-term ability to practice their English more and more if they meet their friends more and more after classes. Listening Practice and Language Exposure Frequently hearing natural spoken English is a benefit to students’ listening abilities. Also, frequent exposure to a certain grammar point may train the ear to recognise how the grammar sounds. After all, native speakers do not necessarily recognise the individual words that make up grammar, but instead recognise how it sounds. With subtitles students can also pick up new vocabulary. All in all though, whether actively or passively students will be consolidating practice they have had in class This Week Forrest Gump vs Passengers If you are a student looking for a chance to meet other students of a variety of nationalities and practice both your speaking and listening, why don’t you come along to the next event? If you are thinking of taking a Celta course, click to find out more about our courses at EC with an extremely experienced team. This could be the start of your journey … Read more

Ana-Flavia’s Testimonial

Hello everyone, I’m Ana Flavia from Brazil and I enjoyed to study English in London. That’s why I want to share my experience with all the people who have chance to read it. I’ve been studying at EC for 6 months. What to say about this unforgettable school? I don’t know how to describe how grateful I am for all people I met in my path there. Everyone was very friendly and really helpful (Daniel is the most multitask and efficient person I’ve met)! The school is completely flexible, and my needs were always listened by the directory and all the lovely girls from reception ❤️ (in special the sweetie Dan). Also, the school truly cared about me when I was struggling against some difficulties (Suzie was lovely). My teachers made me learn the most I could have learned (manly my favorite one who helped me a lot to be more confident, not just about my English, but also in my life). Many of my teachers were great motivators that’s why I loved to go to school! I couldn’t forget remembering about the guys from the coffee shop who were always patient, lively and super kind! I still have a lot to improve in my English because nothing in life is that easy. I did the best chose when I decided to be an EC student because my goal was perfectly achieved. Thanks so much for have given me the opportunity to grow the most I could. Ana Flávia

Our New Academic Intern Michela

Hi everyone, My name is Michela, I’m 19 and I come from Cuneo, a small town in the north of Italy. I graduated last July: I studied languages such as French, Spanish and English at the High School in Cuneo, where I live. The last year of High School, as you probably know, is a year of big changes: everyone is thinking about what to do the following year, you have to make a lot of decisions. I was uncertain about what to do next, so I decided to take a gap year. That was surely the best decision I made so far! What am I doing here and for how long I’m going to stay here? I’m the new Academic Intern, and I’m going to stay here until the end of December. I’m here at EC London since the 6th of October and I’m really enjoying my experience. One of the best way to study English in London is to do an internship, isn’t it? EC offers great opportunities to meet people from all over the world, to know their cultures and, of course to learn new interesting things during the challenging classes. The thing that I like the most about EC school is that you can easily talk with lots of people of your age, as everyone come here with the same purpose: learning English and make some new friends. I have been asked what my hobbies are: first of all, I really enjoy travelling (that it’s one of the reason that brought me here), then I love everything that concerns with arts, for example reading, listening to music, visiting museums, watching lots of movies and tv series. I also quite enjoy having long walks with my headphones on. The main goal that I would like to achieve … Read more


Gabriel’s experience at EC London

It’s a pleasure to know him here and he left her beautiful feedback to us to share: Why did you choose to study with EC? Because a friend told me that EC was the best school in London and now I know why! What do you like about London? What do you like about the school? I love the city, the culture and I can do all with public transport. The teachers are friendly, respectful and I’m not afraid to talk in englishn with them. What will be your most unforgettable memory at EC London? All the teachers and friends those I met here I will remember them all my life my whole life! Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Of course! Here we can feel confidence to learn and talk in english. Where is your favourite place to hang out in the evenings? What is the best thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? I like to go to pub, clubs and enjoy the city! If you need to have more information about IELTS preparation courses in London, come to visit us.

IELTS Courses in London

Glad to be a part of EC London team!

In France… Hi! I’m Siham! I was born, and grew up in France. When I have obtained my Master Degree in Paris I decided to do something different, something new in my life. ? After long reflections, I took the decision to go to London to improve my English skills. EC London Experience I applied for an internship at EC London. When I was effectively a part of a team, I really enjoyed EC London. So, I decided to apply for a job as a Student Services Coordinator. It’s a wonderful international company where I met lovely colleagues who directly integrated me into their team. I also met students who come from different countries, with different mentalities, different backgrounds. It’s really very rewarding every day, I enjoy it!!! I love what I do. I learn new things every day. Even if I have to solve some problems and that it doesn’t seem easy to me, I always remember a sentence that one colleague once said: ‘we don’t have problem, we have only challenges’!!! This sentence seems to be simple but really it keeps resonating in my ears. In the end, I chose London because it’s my endearing city. I feel well here even if I missed my family, my friends and everything. The atmosphere is well, people are so open-minded and helpful. In addition, there are many things to do here in London: lots of places to visit, to discover. Next time, I’ll will show you what I visited or discovered in this amazing city! See Ya! Before I forget, if you need to have more information about IELTS Courses in London, come to visit us 🙂  

Welcome Jungkeun Shin as our new intern!

Let’s welcome our lovely new intern, JK! After 2 weeks working with him, we have all been surprised by his efficiency! We are proud of him and hopefully he will enjoy the time here. 🙂 Let’s see what he says about himself: Name: Jungkeun Shin Nationality: Korean Mother tongue: Korean Studies: Italian, in Uni Home: Seoul in Korea, London in UK. Job at EC English School: Student Services Intern How long are you going to stay at EC? Until 22 December Other languages: English, a bit of Italian Hobbies: Acoustic Guitar, music and travelling Family: There are 4 in my family, My younger sister studies in university in Spain and my parents are living next to their farm. Studies and future plans: I will go to Italy to study just for 2 months because when I had done my military service I forgot almost everything about italian. Favourite place in London: Tate museum What is your first impression of London? I was worried about the weather and the food here, and still. Except these two things, I love everything. Why did you become an intern? I was a student for 10 weeks and really enjoyed this school. And I thought internship will help me a lot to improve my english.   Come to talk to him if you would like to know more about London homestay English Courses

Charlotte’s experience in London

    I’ve chosen to study at EC London English School because it was the school which was propose in my travel organisation. I love everything about London and the school. I will never forget my lesson with my teacher and I would recommend EC to a friend because it’s a really great school. My favourite place in London is near Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square. The best thing that you can do on a Sunday afternoon is just to visit London.     Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We wish you all the best.

Jose, General English: “London is an excellent city to Learn English”

I choose EC for study English because it is a recognized and excellent school for learn English. London is an excellent city for learn English. The city have lots attractive tourist and you can visit a lot historical place. The school facilities are perfect and teachers are amazing and very concerned about students. The most unforgettable thing will be the new friends of all parts of the world and live in London and to know your culture. In EC London the best teacher for me, Melisa very kind and excellent teacher. I would recommend EC London because the best way to study English is in abroad and London is very beautiful. And you know people around the world and learn from their cultures. The best place to hang out in the evening is to go out with my friends for dinner and the drink in a bar or pub. I also like to go to the stadium to see Chelsea or just walking and know this beautiful city. Check out our website for more information about taking a General English Course in London.