Francesca- short ESL Courses at EC London while vacation

Francesca Arcelloni-Student testimonial

Francesca Arcelloni made lots of friends though she studied only one week ESL Courses at EC London while she was travelling. Let’s see what she says about her experience:   I choose to study with EC London for challenging with myself. I had got panic attack going aboard. About London, I think is magic, I love … Read more

Felipe: the most unforgettable memory of EC is the friendship that I built here

Felipe is from Brazil, he is leaving now after 6 months at EC London. He decided to join on of our General English courses in London. Here what he would like to share about his experience at EC London:     I chose EC because it was one of the schools that my agency in … Read more

Hanchieh: I didn’t expect to improve my English in such a short time!

Hanchieh is from Taiwan and has spent one month with us, here what she would like to share about her unforgettable experience at EC London:     To visit London was my dream but I don’t want to be a tourist,  Meanwhile, I  am also worried about my English. That’s why I chose to study in London. My agency recommended EC, … Read more

Rodrigo, four months at EC London

Rodrigo comes from Brazil and he has decided to Learn English in England. He spent four months with us. He has choose the General English course. We are really proud to share his positive feedback about his experience at EC London and we wish to see him again soon!   I chose EC because I saw that it had a modern … Read more

Intensive english courses in london

Just five minutes… of good music

Sometimes just a short 5 minutes break is what we need to change our day! Especially if it comes to listen to good live music with good friends!   Today our elementary students had a five minutes break during their lesson to enjoy the piano performance of one their classmates: Batuhan. Batuhan comes from Tukey and he … Read more