Yujeong’s experience at EC in London

Yujeong Park came from Korea to London to study English for nine months. she both improved her language and made a lot of new friends. She first discovered EC London when her study planner recommended her to go, but she was also interested in meeting new people with different nationalities. The system for the studies and all the nice people she met were her favorite parts of her stay in London. Yujeong says that she would definitely recommend EC London to a friend. She says everyone can lean English easily with EC and the staff is great. They helped her improve her English a lot. Her favorite thing with London is the great diversity of nationalities and cultures. She met some nice people as well. Her favorite place to hang out in London on afternoons and weekends would be in a friend’s accommodation. If you are interested in English Teaching Courses in London you should visit EC as well!  


Micheael from Switzerland

Micheael came for learning Cambridge English Courses in London. He has been here for 12 weeks attending FCE. It’s a pleasure to know him here and he left his marvellous feedback to us to share:   What do you like about London? What do you like about the school: London: Many different cultures gathering in this huge city. I also like the tube here and Shoreditch. School: The teacher Jonny. <3; it’s in central of London and well-organised. What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC? My favourite teacher Jonny and the relaxing time with my friends together. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Sure – I achieved my goal and I was able to improve my English more than I expected. Where is your favourite place to hang out in the evenings? What is the best thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? I highly recommend Brewday Pub in Shoreditch.    

Mattia London homestay English Courses

Mattia From Italy

Though Mattia only stayed for two weeks, his smile has affected everyone at school. We gathered the feedback from him to share with everyone: When we asked him why he chose to study with EC, he said it’s just the word of the mouth. He likes lots of evening events (like language exchange meetings) happening in London. About the school, he loves the smiling people everywhere. His most unforgettable memory of EC is meeting people from all over the world. He emphasised that he will definitely recommend EC to a friend, because of the lovely teachers and interesting lessons. His favourite idea to hang out in the evening is to go to language exchange. The best thing he recommends to do on a Sunday afternoon is to walk on River Thames or Hyde Park.   We treasure the positive feedback that Mattia gave to us and feel glad that he had a great time here. Come to visit our school to learn more about London homestay English Courses

Cristobal learn English in England

Cristobal is learning English in England with EC

Cristobal was one of our funniest students at school. He decided to come to learn English in England because we offer intensive IELTS courses. For him, London was perfect except just one thing: the weather, which is unpredictably changing. But generally, he enjoyed staying in London and was really happy to come to EC. He thought that everything was quite well organized about the class, timing, place… The most unforgettable memory of EC is the teachers: ‘when the teacher offer to help me in hours outside class’. We asked if he recommend EC to a friend and why? He answered yes, because at EC London students learn with a good and envoyable atmosphere. His favourite places in London are pubs and clubs in Shoreditch and also parks that can be found everywhere.

Liubov-London homestay English Courses

Liubov 2-week English course reviews

Looking for the information about english school in London, Liudov found a lot of good reviews about EC: The quality of education, reasonable price, comfortable size of the class with variety of different nationalities of the classmates While she was studying in EC, she was satisfied with everything in EC and happy to study in London which has an interesting history and a lot of things to do. And what she really liked were friendly teachers and interesting socail programs. These help her a lot to improve her english also. Also, after the school or at weekends, she could find many places that she had never been to and were amazing experiences. She hope that she could come to EC again. Come to visit us to see more about London homestay English Courses! 🙂

Leaving is never the end but another start

I am so sad to announce that our accommodation intern – Kim is leaving. We thank her a lot of the amazing job she has done. Let’s see what she says about the experience: My internship here at EC London was awesome! I was a student for two months, afterwards, I started my internship here. During these four months, I have learned so many things and I have been able to improve English by practicing it every day by being in touch with students all days. I knew a lot of incredible people who are full of life. Working with them is like working with a big family! They are all professional, but they are also fun. It improves the day with a clap of hands or with a smile. Everyone has a feature that makes this school special. I worked for three months in Accommodation with Filipa, she is an amazing person, really in charge and I admire her a lot. Last month I helped reception, at first, I was scared, but in those days, I learned to be more confident of myself. It was an experience that I will always take in my heart for the rest of my life, because they have believed in me and in my skills and they gave me the opportunity to work for them. It was my first experience of working in a fireign country, I was quite nervous; but they helped me and they made me feel part of the group and always gave me a hand if I was not sure of something. I met so many friends that I hope I will never miss! I learned to live independently and to believe in myself more. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and for the … Read more

Welcome Jungkeun Shin as our new intern!

Let’s welcome our lovely new intern, JK! After 2 weeks working with him, we have all been surprised by his efficiency! We are proud of him and hopefully he will enjoy the time here. 🙂 Let’s see what he says about himself: Name: Jungkeun Shin Nationality: Korean Mother tongue: Korean Studies: Italian, in Uni Home: Seoul in Korea, London in UK. Job at EC English School: Student Services Intern How long are you going to stay at EC? Until 22 December Other languages: English, a bit of Italian Hobbies: Acoustic Guitar, music and travelling Family: There are 4 in my family, My younger sister studies in university in Spain and my parents are living next to their farm. Studies and future plans: I will go to Italy to study just for 2 months because when I had done my military service I forgot almost everything about italian. Favourite place in London: Tate museum What is your first impression of London? I was worried about the weather and the food here, and still. Except these two things, I love everything. Why did you become an intern? I was a student for 10 weeks and really enjoyed this school. And I thought internship will help me a lot to improve my english.   Come to talk to him if you would like to know more about London homestay English Courses

John Mateo - Learn English in England for 17 weeks

John Mateo Giutuerrez Roa is learning English at EC London

John Mateo Giutuerrez Roa was one of the most famous student at school! Everyone enjoyed his Colombia sweet! Let’s find out why John decide  to Learn English in England rather than being with his lovely daughter! 🙂   I decided to go at EC because it offered me various courses where I could increase my English skills, also its environment is wonderful. In addition, its teachers have a high qulity. London is one of the capitals most important in the world. As a multicultural city it’s easy to share knowledge with many and different countries. EC has the same atmosphere than the rest at London. My first class was with John Amato and Maria Guinazu. Both teachers have different ways to teach English. However, I learned a lot and have a good time with them and my classmate. For sure, if you want to spend a really good time in London, learning, chatting and meeting with different people of different nationalities, EC London is a great option. One place to hang out in London could be Leicester Square. It’s close to Big Ben, you could share one or two glasses of wine with friends and then go to party in one of the nightclubs around the square. Hyde Park is my favourite place to go on Sunday.  

Deborah - 5 weeks General English

Italian student chooses EC to learn English in England

Deborah Piffer came to school with her mother, who is a really lovely Italian lady, under the recommendation of their friend. They had almost made the decision to go to another school, but once they arrived at EC London, they changed there mind! I’d say it’s an absolutely smart move to choose EC to Learn English in England. Let’s see what she thinks about her experience at EC London:   I chose EC School because I like the building and the staff, it is very helpful and friendly. About London I like the museums because they are free. About the school I like the lessons and the study area. My most unforgettable memory of EC will be extra classes (pronunciation, speaking). I will surely recommend EC to my friends. Because I find the teaching very good. My favourite places to hang out are the theatre and the concert halls. If it is a sunny afternoon the best thing to do is enjoy this rare event and going out to the park.

ielts courses at ec london

Pedro from Brazil to London

Pedro went back to Brazil last weeked after a month in our school. He met a lot of students here that are now new friends! We are all going to miss him! Pedro has written a testimonial for you all to read, here you go:     I came to EC because my friends adviced me. I love London because of his famous places to visit. About the school I like the teachers and the building, very central. I can’t choose only one memory about EC, I will remember eveything. I of course would recommend EC to my friends, because I had my best experience here yet. In London you can try many restaurants and you have many parks like Green Park. Come back soon to join again one of our IELTS Courses at EC London.