Being a Vegetarian in London

London is a great place for vegetarians to find delicious foods. Every restaurant, pub and café caters for vegetarians, so you can always eat a proper meal, wherever you go (veggie burgers in pubs are awesome!). However, some restaurants are vegetarian only and are a must-try, for vegetarians and no … Read more

Thais about her second time at EC London

Our lovely Thais is leaving today! For Thais is the second year at EC London and she is planning to come back next year again to join our Intensive English courses in London.     I’ve been here last year and I like it here because the most of teachers are so nice, usually the classes are not boring, … Read more

Felipe: the most unforgettable memory of EC is the friendship that I built here

Felipe is from Brazil, he is leaving now after 6 months at EC London. He decided to join on of our General English courses in London. Here what he would like to share about his experience at EC London:     I chose EC because it was one of the schools that my agency in Brazil recommend to m … Read more

Hanchieh: I didn’t expect to improve my English in such a short time!

Hanchieh is from Taiwan and has spent one month with us, here what she would like to share about her unforgettable experience at EC London:     To visit London was my dream but I don’t want to be a tourist,  Meanwhile, I  am also worried about my English. That’s why I chose to … Read more