Omer, General English: “I had a whale of time at EC!”

Omer is from Turkey. He arrived here in January 2015 and stayed in EC London until mid of September, having studied General English. He would like to share his experience and some suggestions with us!   “I have been at EC London for almost nine months. EC is one of the best language schools in … Read more

Cecile shares her EC London English School experience

Dear Future EC London student,   Finally, the first day of your school of English EC London experience begins. Congratulations, because I know that you made a really good choice. I hope that you will have such a great time as me. To reach this I would like to give you some recommendations for your stay. … Read more

Assem Kuanyshbekova

Assem from Kazakhstan sat for an English course at EC London

Assem Kuanyshbekova from Kazakhstan tells us about her class while attending an English course in London and why she recommends EC to friends.     ”I’ve been at EC London for 4 weeks. I would recommend EC London to my friends because there is a very friendly and bright atmosphere. And the teachers are professional. Lessons are very funny and … Read more