Teng-huo our chinese student

Teng huo from China

Teng Huo is an EC LONDON student from China. He took IELTS Courses in London.   It was a pleasure to meet him. He left his beautiful feedback to us to share: He explained why he choose to study with EC, and He said that: firstly, I searched the language school in Google. Ec has the highest review. When I come here, I found it was the best language school for any students, whatever you want to learn. When we asked to him what He likes of London and what about the school He said: London is a friendly and tolerant city, and multi-culture as well. The school is also very friendly. Talking with friends who have different culture background is an enjoyable things. At the same time, I can practice the grammar and vocabulary that I’ve just learned. The most unforgettable moment of EC for him : I have met a lot of friends coming from different countries. That’s the most unforgettable memory memory for me. And all of teachers are brilliant. They helped me a lot. He definitely recommend EC to a friend, because comparing with other school, he thinks, EC is the best one. It provides a wonderful opportunity to study in London. At the question what is you favourite place to hang out he said: There are so many impressive restaurants in London. Every week EC organise a special dinner for students. It was a unique experience. Once we went to an Indian restaurant near King’s cross. The food is surely wonderful. The social programme at EC provides an excellent chance to communicate with friends.   We are grateful for the positive feedback that Teng Huo  gave to us and feel glad that he had a great time here :).  

Yakcan's English Courses in London

Yekcan, EC Ambassador from Turkey

Yekcan is a Turkish student who chose EC for her English Courses in London. We want to share with you her feedback about her time her in EC London. About London she believes that it is a big and an alive city where you can find something to do at anytime. Regarding to the school, she likes the ways of teaching, all the teachers and the events that the school organizes. She will definitely recommend to her friends due to the academic teams and the teaching lessons, and also because, during the time she spent in EC London, she had a lot of beautiful memories. Her most unforgettable memory of EC London is being a student ambassador: thanks to it she could meet several people from all the world and have fun together. Her favorite places to hang out are Camden Town and Shoreditch. She thinks that the best places to visit on Sunday are Covent Garden and Chelsea, that are the best options to drink a coffee.   We appreciate the positive feedback that Yekcan gave to us and feel glad that she had a great time here.

Sunday Weekend Experience, by Rita

  I recently started the working as a social leader for EC, and I am doing the welcome activities on Sunday, which means I get to show students around London. It’s quite a nice day out, considering I get to meet new students, and spend a fair amount of time in Central London. We usually go to Camden Market after lunch, which is one of my favourite places to hang out in London. It’s been very rewarding to meet the students before they start school the next day, and getting to know where they come from and their first impressions. It makes me nostalgic and remember how I felt when I first moved to London – their passion and how impressed they are with Big Ben, Westminster, Trafalgar Square… And their many questions about the multiple types of beer each pub offers! It’s a great reminder of how lucky I am to be living in London and I am glad I can share it with the new students. Find out more about our IELTS courses in London.

Things to Do in London This Autumn

    The days are getting shorter and the weather is turning colder, but that is no reason to feel gloomy! Summer might be over, but the autumn is also a fantastic time to be in London. From walking on Hampstead Heath to having a lovely Sunday roast in a pub, there are loads of things to keep you busy in the city as autumn sets in. The West Cemetery, Highgate Cemetery Most people are familiar with the East Cemetery at Highgate, with its famous residents including Karl Marx and author George Eliot. However, the Victorian West Cemetery is not to be missed! It can only be visited by guided tour, but the experience is well worth the price of a ticket. The stunning architecture and leafy, overgrown foliage all add to a truly bewitching atmosphere that is unlike anywhere else in London. It feels like stepping into another time and place altogether. And with Halloween coming up, what better place to visit than a spooky old cemetery? Walking on Hampstead Heath London’s fantastic parks are wonderful places to visit throughout the year, and glorious Hampstead Heath is no exception. The heath is a great place for a long walk with friends, and if you get tired of the gorgeous natural scenery, you can pop into Kenwood House to see the art collection and have a coffee. And after your walk, why not check out one of Hampstead or Highgate’s famous pubs to warm up with a pint or two? The Spaniards Inn, dating from 1585, is great for history lovers, while The Flask in Highgate, dating back to 1633, is also a good choice. If you happen to be walking on the heath on a Sunday, these are also excellent places to enjoy a typical English Sunday roast. Twilight … Read more

IELTS in London

Jiyun about her 9 months experience at EC London

Jiyun, JJ for us, has been studying at EC London for more 9 months. She is a great student and a great friend to everyone! She would like to share here her experience at EC and why she has deciced to come to study IELTS in London.   “If you are a big fan of football, movies/dramas/comics, music London is the best place. Every teachers of the IELTS course and staff was thoughtful, they help students with their problems. My unforgettable memory of EC London is everything. The year that I spent here, every single moment is unforgettable. I absolutely recommend EC to a friend. The teachers are the best!!! I learned a lot while I stayed there. The best thing to do on a Sunday afternoon are pubs, bars and Football Station absolutely!”   Thank you very much JJ. All the best to you and we hope to see you soon!

The Best School in London, by Luana

Luana, from Brazil, has been studying General English course at EC London. Like many other Brazilians in London, she loves to learn English and EC London was able to help her reach her goals. Today is Luana’s last day at EC London and we wish her all the best! She tell us a little more about her time here in London.    The travel agency told me that EC is the best English school. I searched on the internet to see the photos and I liked it. London is a amazing place to live, it was a dream living here. The school, it’s a great place. The teachers are so cool and the employees are friendly. I love it! The moments that I enjoyed in the class with the teachers and my class friends having fun, making jokes and playing games. I recommend EC because EC have the best teachers, students and staff. I love it! I really like to meet new places everyday, but Oxford Street it’s my favourite place to go shopping.     If you are interested in coming to the Best School in London (as Luana tells us above) please have a look at some of the courses we offer.  EC London offers various English Courses, including IELTS Courses in London.