English Courses with New Friends in London

My Name is Andy and I have been teaching English courses at EC London for 8 years. I have seen, now more than ever, students learning English by making new friends and speaking together outside of the classroom and I want to share what I have seen with you. New Friends With the current global situation, I have found that the students who are studying at the EC London school right now are looking for any opportunity to maximise human connections. Before class, during breaks and after class, it is wonderful to see learners planning their afternoons, evening and weekends together, trying to make the most of their EC and London experience even more fruitful and memorable. The one thing that is really touching is how established students welcome new students with open arms and are keen to involve them in their social experiences outside of class time. Social Life From speaking to students, it is wonderful to hear what they have been doing with their free time when not in class. They have been going out on walks, going to pubs, going to restaurants, visiting museums, relaxing in parks, sightseeing and even more I’m sure. For some of these students, they are embarking on a new chapter in their lives. For others, they are learning English to study at university. Some are learning English out of interest or out of a desire to travel or for their work. One thing that all of these students have in common, though, is a desire to be social in an environment where they are able to enrich not only their EC or London experience, but their life experience as a whole. Speaking English While students speak a lot of English in class, it is important that they continue this outside of the … Read more

Feedback from a Russian student!

Hi, My name is Grigoriy, I’m a previous student at EC London from Russia. I chose to attend to EC because they offer the opportunity to study in cities and countries all around the world. I got two birds in one stone, travelling and studying, which I found really convenient! Another reason why I picked EC is because of the really good prices they offer. It is not too expensive! I would describe EC London as perfect and fantastic! Everything was good. The most unforgettable memories of EC are the positive relationships between each other and the great atmosphere! My favourite places to hang out in the evenings are different ones, but in Sunday afternoon I prefer Leicter Square. I would definitely recommend this english language school London to a friend, actually I would recommend EC to all of my friends. Best Wishes, Grigoriy

Elena, Intensive English: “I will definitely recommend EC London because I really enjoyed my time there!”

Elena has decided to learn English in the UK. She spent the month of September doing an Intensive English course at our school. She had a wonderful time here and she would like to share her experience and give her opinion on EC!     “I had a wonderful time at EC London, the teachers are really polite, always available and prepared. I will not forget them and all the people that I’ve met and my new friends from all over the world. I will definitely recommend EC London because I really enjoyed my time there!”

Dan, Intensive English: “I’m not afraid to speak English with strangers anymore”

Dan is a lovely Chinese student who started to learn English at EC London three weeks ago and she is going to stay here for 6 months! Here is what she would like to share about her EC experience so far: “I’ve been at EC London for three weeks. I’d like to recommend EC to all my friends, because I like the atmosphere of study around here. We can take lots kind of free classes after school. Teachers teach us not only for the tasks, but also they care about us. EC has also organized numbers of activities which are so interesting and impressive. I’m not afraid to speak English with strangers anymore and I’ve helped several foreigners in English. It’s quiet an important improvement for me.”  

Shaun in the City exhibition at the Covent Garden Piazza

The weekend is finally here and we would like to suggest you something really nice to see and a good occasion to Learn English outside the class. 120 Shaun sculptures will be on display at the Covent Garden Piazza only for this weekend!   Seventy of the colourful creations were shown around Bristol through the Summer, and another fifty were put up in London during the Spring. They have been brought together for the last time before being auctioned for charity in October. In 2013 Gromit Unleashed raised more than £2.3m for Bristol Children’s Hospital.   Each 5ft-tall (1.5m) sheep has been designed by celebrities, artists and brands including supermodel David Gandy and DreamWorks Animation.    

Getting tired of speaking in your mother tongue in London?

Despite being in London, Have you ever felt that you are not speaking in English all the time? Or do you want to improve your English or meet new friends? Well, let me tell you that we have the solution for you “The conversation club”. But what is the conversation club? What can I do there? Is it for everyone? Let us hear a little bit more about this idea.   As students we realised that the time in classes is not enough for practising our speaking, and if we want to do it, we have to chat in English as much as possible, however, most of us are living with people who speak our own language, that is why the school has given us the chance to set up this club, which is an occasion where we are able to meet peers from different levels and improve our skills through a nice talking by pairs with a wide variety of topics according to our nationalities.   If you were looking for something to improve your speaking, this is the right place to enjoy your passion for learning about new cultures and improving your English at the same time. New members are welcomed.   Activities, what can you do? As well as practising your skills, a number of activities are planned every week. It does not matter which level are you; after all, all of us can benefit from others experiences, such us: * Conversation (Monday). * Coffee and conversation (Wednesday). * Vocabulary games (Thursday). * Plus: In case you have something in mind just tell us, we are open to new ideas. How can you register, what do you need? Membership is open to anyone and all that you need is coming along at the reception every Monday at … Read more