Welcome to EC Canada!

EC proudly announced the additon of LSC’s three Canadian schools into the ever-growing EC family last month bringing the total number of EC English language centres to 15 around the world! LSC is the oldest and most respected private language school in Canada. They have many years’ experience teaching English to international students, and a reputation for academic excellence. EC Toronto Canada’s largest and most multi-cultural city has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Shopping, food, sports, museums and nightlife – Toronto has it all. Our school is in mid-town Toronto and has spacious classrooms and modern facilities. EC Vancouver Rated as one the world’s greatest places to live, Vancouver is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and huge mountains. This is a wonderful place for outdoor activities and to explore nature. The city’s a relaxed and interesting place to stay with a variety of cool neighbourhoods to check out, and our large city-centre school is at the heart of the action! EC Montreal Located in the province of Quebec, Montreal is the world’s largest fully bilingual city (English & French). Its European atmosphere and international flavour make it one the most unique cities in the world. Our modern school is located in the Faubourg shopping mall in the city centre. For more information (or to book an EC course in Canada) go to http://www.ecenglish.com/learn-english-canada.

The Power of Branding

I can’t remember the last time I ate at McDonald’s in London. I am sure that whenever it was I would have scuttled in and out with my scarf over my head for fear of anyone I knew seeing me there. Healthy eating is all the rage these days – sushi, superfoods, smoothies, organic rice cakes. Hardly anybody I know would admit to enjoying the odd Big Mac. In fact, I would go so far as to admit that my friends and I are out-and-out fast food snobs.   So nobody was more surprised than me, after two weeks of living in south China, at my reaction on first seeing those golden arches on the red background. I marched straight in, ordered “yi ge hanbao” with fries and a coke and then devoured the lot in about twenty seconds flat. Not my finest moment. It was only after I guiltily screwed up my Big Mac wrapper that I realised I hadn’t actually seen the word “McDonald’s” written anywhere. The brand recognition was so strong that I had not questioned where I was for a second.   After that I began to notice the power of branding all around me. In the supermarket the only way I can tell if I’m buying toothpaste or face cream is thanks to the familiar blue squiggle of Colgate. Activia’s green and white packaged yoghurts soon found their way into my shopping basket and we are washing our clothes in Ariel powder for no other reason than I recognised the colours and logos. If you had asked me a month ago what colour a tub of Knorr chicken stock was I don’t think I would have had any idea but now those green and yellow pots with the red and white writing jump right off … Read more