Hi, I’m the new Student Services Intern!

Hi everyone! My name is Lena and I’m the new Student Services Intern at EC London. I’m a twenty year-old German girl and I’m going to stay at EC London for three months. My hometown is located in the south west of Germany, which is pretty close to France and Luxemburg. After graduating from school, I started studying German, English and Italian for my Bachelor’s degree at Saarland University. Once I will have finished my studies, I would love to work as a journalist or in a cultural institution. I’m glad I got the opportunity to undertake this internship here at EC London. It is a great opportunity to improving my English but also to meeting students from all over the world. Due to this I can also improve my basic knowledge of French and Italian and maybe gain insights into other languages as well. I chose EC London because London is my favourite city and I think it is a great place to go for if you want to learn English. There are so many people from different nations paired with traditional British culture, so it is nice to see the multicultural atmosphere of the city. There are so many things to do in London, which is great because you will never get bored. When I walk around London on my own I usually go to the museums. I am a huge art lover and I am very happy that there are tons of great museums here. I also love London for its parks because I think it is really nice to have a walk in the country to take a break from busy times in the city. Living and working in a city like London is a great experience for me and so far I am enjoying my … Read more

Hello, I’m the new intern !

Hello, My Name is Dorian, I am the new Student Services intern of EC London. I’m 20 years old and I’m French ?. I was born in the real countryside of France in the south west. During my childhood, as every boy I loved playing video games and watching dragon ball (and I still love it ahahaha) I got a scientific secondary school diploma and then I entered in a business school in Bordeaux (famous French city for the wine in the south west). I am currently studying international business. I would like to get an MBA to become an export manager or another job related with international business in order to not live in France. I am interning in EC school because I want to improve my level of English., I’m also meeting a lot of people from all around the world (Chinese, Brazilian, Saudi Arabian, Russian etc…) which is very important for me to know the different mindsets of people to work abroad. I have been learning English since I’m 12 years old, and last year I got 6.5 at the International English testing system (IELTS) which has allowed me to continue my studies abroad. Next September I’m going to study in the international business school of Dublin and I will continue my life in Dublin instead of France. I am very excited about it especially that my life will be completely in English. I love travelling to discover something different, I especially love countries from the east of Europe (Scandinavian and Slavic countries), for example I have been in Norway… I’m also currently learning Russian for one year. Indeed, my business school is asking us to learn two languages in addition to French and as I mentioned before I like Slavic cultures that’s why I chose Russian. … Read more