If you are looking for a unique experience, what better way to finish your day with a beautiful sunset?                 Last Sunday, I went to this gorgeous place with my friends at the end of the day. The Skygarden is a free public space where you can see the most wonderful 360-degree view across London. It is located on the 35th floor. In addition to the beautiful view, there were a lot of greenery.                   It was very relaxing and soothing because the place is spacious. We stayed for almost two hours, just the time to take a lot of pictures and to drink a cocktail. Two beautiful restaurants and two bars are located there. We ordered one of their cocktails named “Tropical Island”, which was very good. Moreover before heading there, you can take a look at the restaurants and bars’ menu directly on their website.                         However if you would like to visit the Skygarden during weekends, make sure to book your tickets online on Monday. You should be quick because tickets get sold out in a blink of an eye! Don’t forget your ID card to enter in this place because there is a check in.   People are very welcoming in London, I am sure that you be able to Learn English Abroad and have a great time.

London : World’s Best Destination

Dubai, Marrakech, Tokyo, Paris, Bali, Phuket, Barcelona, Istanbul… On a list of the 25 best-rated destinations in the world, London now holds the first place ! The Capital of the United Kingdom is now named as ‘world’s best destination for 2019’ in TripAdvisor’s annual Travellers’ Choice awards. Apart from the fact that this city is just amazing, how can we explain this position? There are several reasons explaining that top place. One of them is that London is full of activities. Indeed, you can find beautiful parks, museums (free for some of them). In London you can also find some of the best restaurants and an amazing nightlife for young and old people. As you can see, everybody can be quickly addicted to that London life! Moreover, during the past 12 months a lot of exceptional events happened in London, such as the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Football World Cup, which attracted lots of visitors, creating a buzzing atmosphere in the capital. It has been 2 months since I started my London life and I just can’t get enough of every place that I am discovering each day when I leave EC School, and even more on weekends. What I really like here in London is the number of activities but also, ( and especially) the diversity of restaurants, because food is my number one passion. Here are some pictures of London that I have taken since my arrival. Enjoy!                                                            If you would like to take part of ‘the London life experience’ and Learn English Abroad , then join us at EC School London and discover … Read more

Presentation on Sweden!

Presentation on Sweden at the EC English language school in London! Have you ever listened to ABBA, bought something from IKEA or used Spotify? Did you know ABBA was a Swedish pop group and the companies IKEA and Spotify were founded in Sweden?  Even more information were included in the presentation on Sweden! It was held twice during the previous Thursday, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Delicious Swedish candy such as Marabou milk chocolate and Ahlgrens bilar were provided during the presentation. You could not join us? Do not worry! We give a brief summary of the Swedish presentation below. In general: Location: Scandinavia, northern Europe. Companies founded in Sweden: IKEA, H&M, Spotify, Skype and Volvo. Well known candy: Marabou milk chocolate, Ahlbrens bilar and Djungelvrål, love it! Dishes: Herring and potatoes with dill and eggs, sandwich cake, crisp bread and falun sausage with macaroni. Famous people:  Zlatan Ibrahimovic – football player. He has played for a several clubs such as Barcelona, Ajax, Swedish national team and much more. ABBA – pop group. MAMMA MIA, Here I go again! Yes, you are singing one of ABBA’s songs! Zara Larsson – pop singer-songwriter. Maybe you have listened to Ruin my life, Lush Life or recognise her name from the Top 50 on Spotify? Avicii – DJ, remix artist and record producer If you have not, listen to his songs, for instance Wake me up, Without You or Waiting for Love.  Astrid Lindgren – Writer. One of her famous characters might be more familiar, Pippi Longstocking! Have great day! Or in Swedish, ha en bra dag! EC London, Alice

Exciting Day Trips from EC London

Most visitors to London know the famous sights of the city. Historic places like Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London, or world-class museums like the Tate, always top any tourist’s must-see list. London truly has something for everyone. But what about the many interesting places to visit located just outside of the city? Luckily for visitors, there are loads of fascinating locations that can be easily reached from London. Keep reading to discover more! Hatfield House Hatfield House, built in 1611, is less than an hour’s journey from King’s Cross station in central London. The beautiful house has been used as a filming location for countless films and TV series including Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, and The Crown, so you might recognise the rooms and gardens.  Hatfield House is also next to the site of the Old Palace of Hatfield, where the children of King Henry VIII grew up. Famously, Queen Elizabeth I found out she was going to become queen while she was living at Hatfield. Whether you are interested in history and architecture, or just fancy a lovely day in the countryside, Hatfield House is a wonderful place to visit. Windsor Castle For fans of the royal family, Windsor Castle also makes a great day-trip from London. People all over the world watched the Royal Wedding in May, making Windsor a very popular tourist attraction.  Make sure you book your tickets in advance to avoid the queues.  The surrounding town is lovely, and  Windsor Castle itself is over 1,000 years old. It is also one of the Queen’s favourite homes, making it the oldest occupied castle in the world!  The castle is huge, so make sure you allow lots of time for your visit.   Whether you are interested in studying English in London, or completing a … Read more

Alisa R.

Alisa student of English Language Schools in London

Testimonial from Alisa Rakhubovska Alisa R. is an Ukrainian student of English Language Schools in London, she studied here for two weeks of her holiday and she was my flatmate by the host family. She really loves London and the story of Queen Elizabeth II, here below you can read her testimonial. She heard good feedback about EC English from people in Ukraine, that’s the reason why she decided to study with us in London. In the school she made a lot of friends from different parts of the world. She loved this opportunity from the school, because then she could hang out with them. Her most unforgettable memory of EC was her first day, namely the approach of all activities, which were conduct in school for newcomers. For sure she wants to recommend our school. She liked the way of teaching. In fact, she improved her knowledge of English definitely! Asking where her favourite place is to hang out or the best things to do in London, she answer: “I like spending my time in parks or somewhere outside. In case of bad weather, I will take a drink in a cosy café.” Thank you, Alisa, for your stay and hope you enjoyed it, we wish you all the best, waiting you again here or by another EC School in the world!


Valeria had a wonderful experience at EC London

Valeria is an EC LONDON student from Russia. She wanted to take English Courses in London.   It was a pleasure to meet her. She left her beautiful feedback to us to share: Why did you choose to study with EC? I chose EC LONDON because my manager has recommended me EC. And EC is in the center of London. What do you like about London? What do you like about the school? About the school I think that the atmosphere is very comfortable and friendly. About London I think that British people are very friendly. In London I feel that I am relaxed and free. What will be your most unforgattable memory of EC? I had a lot of fun, Every lessons included. My most enjoyable time was going to Borought market during lessons all together. Would you recommended EC to a friend? Why? Oh, yeah! Because the school consists of lessons, many kinds of activity and frienship. It isn’t only lessons and it isn’t boring at all. Where is your favorite place to hang out in the evenings? What is the best thing to do on Sunday afternoon? Actually, I don’t have a favorite place. Every day I tried to visit different place: Restaurants, museums and cities near London.   We are grateful for the positive feedback that Valeria gave to us and feel glad that she had a great time here :).


Ezgi, EC Ambassador from Turkey

Ezgi is a EC LONDON student from Turkey. She wanted to take English Courses in London                         She chose EC LONDON thanks to the good reputation that it has in Turkey, and also for the beautiful position that the school has here in London. About the school Ezgi thinks that is one of the best school she has ever been in because of the splendid education system and helpful and kind teachers. Ezgi has a lot of memories about the time she spent in the school, one of them is having been an ambassador: Her most enjoyable moment is every Monday afternoon, where she always meet new students from all the world. Ezgi with pleasure will recommend the EC London course to a friend because during the time she attended the school, she was able to improve her English and at the same time had fun. About hanging out in the evenings, she thinks that Camden town is one of the best place, and about Sunday afternoon she believes that the best place to go is KOKO.   We are greatful for the positive feedback that Ezgi gave to us and feel glad that she had a great time here :).

one of the best students who did ESL Courses at EC London

Valeriya about her second time at EC London

Our lovely Valeriya left us few days ago!     It is the second time for Valeriya at EC London. She is planning to come back again to join our school! 🙂 ‘I have already been in EC London and I decided to return after my first trip, I was very impressed and satisfied. I like London’s cultural sights. Most of all I like National Gallery, it’s an astonished place. At school, I’m happy with everything: teachers, lessons, classmates and wonderful staff!’   For the question about her most unforgettable memory of EC, she answered: ‘Difficult to single out something. Every day is unforgettable!’   She said, she can’t forget all of these memories in here. Like her, she hopes everyone can enjoy this school, which is in the centre of the wonderful English capital!   If you need more information about IELTS Courses in London, please visit EC London website.    


Museums of London (Part 1)

Museums of London (Part 1)   Hello everyone!!! It’s Siham again! In my last article, I told you that next time, I’ll will show you what I visited or discovered in London! Let’s talk about Museums ? Do you know that almost all museums are FREE in London? We’re so lucky!! It’s not common in other cities! So, why not enjoy it? I haven’t visited yet all museums, but I really wish to! Today, I’ll present only BRITISH MUSEUM because I have been there many times and I knew it quite well! British Museum Standing in front of British Museum, I was excited how historical and archaic this building is! Whoa!!! I feel instantly that there must be treasures inside for us to discover!   And when I entered inside, I was surprised by the contrast between outside and inside. The modern design amazed me! It’s impressive! Gigantic! Absolutely luminous!   This museum exhibits creations of human with collections from all over the world. You can find sculptures and objects from America, Asia, Africa and Europe. I really loved the ancient Egypt! I was impressed!   There are also mummieeeees! I don’t want to tell you all the information about this museum because I really prefer you to visit it and to have a good time there ? If you want to go, it’s open daily from 10:00 until 17:30 (Friday until 20:30) And the address is: The British Museum Great Russell Street London WC1B 3DG See YA next time for another museum or place in London! If you need to have more information about IELTS Courses in London, come to visit us ?

EC London

The White Garden, in memory of Princess Diana

From now until mid-May you can have access to the breath taking ‘White Garden’, garden of 12,000 flowers planted in memory of Princess Diana at Kensington Palace. As from the name the predominant colour of the flowers is white to celebrate Diana’s ‘elegance, vivacity and style’. The overall effect is very peaceful but also very joyful! Here some photos:     The White Garden is free to the public and for sure worth a visit during a nice sunny afternoon. Once you are there you can also visit the new “Diana – Her fashion story” exhibition at the Kensington Palace open now until 2018. If you would like to know more about our school, please follow this Link: EC London