If you are looking for a unique experience, what better way to finish your day with a beautiful sunset?                 Last Sunday, I went to this gorgeous place with my friends at the end of the day. The Skygarden is a free public space where you can see the most wonderful 360-degree view across London. It is located on the 35th floor. In addition to the beautiful view, there were a lot of greenery.                   It was very relaxing and soothing because the place is spacious. We stayed for almost two hours, just the time to take a lot of pictures and to drink a cocktail. Two beautiful restaurants and two bars are located there. We ordered one of their cocktails named “Tropical Island”, which was very good. Moreover before heading there, you can take a look at the restaurants and bars’ menu directly on their website.                         However if you would like to visit the Skygarden during weekends, make sure to book your tickets online on Monday. You should be quick because tickets get sold out in a blink of an eye! Don’t forget your ID card to enter in this place because there is a check in.   People are very welcoming in London, I am sure that you be able to Learn English Abroad and have a great time.

Pizza by the Metre

Sartori Restaurant, London Sartori is located close to Leicester Square so is a great location for transport and continuing the party after your meal. It is predominantly Italian staff, making it an authentic experience in all aspects. Pizza Pizza by the metre does sound like a gimmick and I suppose in some respects it is. However, if that pizza is an authentic wood-fired pizza, gimmick becomes pure heaven in an instant. I have been to Sartori at least twenty times and I haven’t once been disappointed. There are countless pizzas to choose from and don’t think that you are limited to just one when you are designing your metre. One metre can comprise four types of pizza. Therefore, a metre will typically feed four people comfortably. Atmosphere It is a popular restaurant and booking is advised. This results in a lively atmosphere throughout the place so is ideal for a group or party. Downstairs is the wood-fire oven so you can see you pizza being made with all fresh ingredients. All in All A perfect place for both group and smaller bookings and really is comfort food of the highest order. Fully recommended for any pizza lover!  Sartori is the perfect place to celebrate obtaining your Celta certificate with your coursemates. Click to find out more about our teaching English courses in London at EC London.