Shamyr Satar experienced Englisg teaching courses in London

Shamyr Satar is sitting for an IELTS preparation course at EC London

Shamyr Satar experienced  IELTS preparation courses in London He spent two months in London to improve his English and he really did. The reason he chose to study with EC in London was the localization of the company, in the centre of the city which makes it easy to get there. Shamyr also liked the architecture and the life style in the city, and of course the British accent. At EC he liked the staff and the class dynamics. He also says that he made a lot of friend at EC and that will be and unforgettable memory. Shamyr’s favourite places to hang out on weekends or afternoons are Hyde Park or Tower Bridge. He would definitely recommend EC to a friend.

The Lion King Musical- Discover it in London!

Would you like to watch a phenomenal, spectacular, and one of the most famous musicals of all time? It is your chance to experience the spectacle of Disney’s the Lion King! The best-loved and well-known worldwide musical is in London! You probably know about the story of the Lion King but you have never seen the story in a Theatre. The musical is playing at Lyceum Theatre in the city centre. Another smash hit from the Disney family! The Lion King is classic family entertainment which will delight audiences everywhere. If you are looking for fabulous costumes, stunning choreography, memorable songs and not forgetting puppets then this is a show for you! The Lion King was a highly successful animated film, made in 1994 by the Disney studios. It tells the story of a young lion cub called Simba and his journey to adulthood. Along the way he learns about personal responsibility, pride, trust and growing up in general. Using puppets, masks, lavish sets and a strong cast of human actors, The Lion King musical has adapted the film into a simply thrilling stage version. The seats are limited for this show. If you want to find out more about the show and buy tickets, google Lion King London. A couple of th students from school of English EC London are going to the Lion King next week!

EC London student Nam shares his impressions to future EC students

Dear future student at school of English EC London, I have been studying in school of English EC London roughly 3 months and I really want to give you some advice. Above all, when it comes to homework. I would say you have to do whole things particularly writing tasks because wherever you do, teachers will give you a feedback what mistakes you made and more proper vocabulary to make more natural. Also, what’s really important is coming to class. Even if you couldn’t sleep well the day before or there were some special events and things like that, it’s obligated for students to come to class. Well, some students disagree with my opinion but I’m here to study English and listening what teachers tell us might improve our listening skills. Moreover, something you have heard during the class could help you unconsciously. Let’s talk about social activities. I would definitely recommend doing it as much as you can. It’s really helpful to improve your socializing and you can get some nice impressions about the city. I know it’s really hard to express your feelings and emotions whenever you speak English. So I try to learn some expressions from other people in school. Anyway, what I really think is studying is up to you. We have same teacher, classes and time. Don’t use a translator and try to think in English. Have a great time and enjoy!”- Nam EC offers many courses, including IELTS in London

Father’s Day in the UK

For those of you who are currently studying at the School of English EC London, you may not know that this weekend the UK celebrates Father’s Day. This celebration is celebrated at different times of the year across the globe. Unlike with Mother’s Day, the UK has quite a few other countries to share this celebration with, for example the United States and Canada. Over here, Father’s Day means the frantic buying of presents and cards in the weeks before (or in some cases days before) in order to show fathers or father figures what their support and love mean to their children. This Sunday children will have to wait on their fathers hand-and-foot, fulfilling their every wish. But what are some common presents? Well, a lot of children get a bit stuck when it comes to this part. Socks, ties, slippers, etc. are all very common. However, in recent times more personalised items have become popular like mugs with pictures on them or cards that have been made online to order. There will still be the odd dodgy present that crops up though, such as a folder or something covered in glitter (this is more common with younger children who make their presents in school). It is also almost traditional to make a special meal on Father’s Day (no, beans on toast will not suffice). Therefore, many pubs and restaurants could be busy this weekend (as a warning) when families go on outings to celebrate the head of the household. It is interesting to note, however, that Father’s Day is not noticed as a bank holiday in the calendar. There will be normal transport services for those not taking part in the festivities. Around the world: Although Britain, the USA and Canada all celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June, it is not the case for all … Read more

British culture and some odd traditions in England

What are Britain’s traditions really like? With all the differences of British culture here are just a few of the totally British things to look out for whilst at the school of English EC London: Cheese Rolling Cheese rolling is an event that takes place in Gloucestershire every year in May. It is officially named a festival and takes place on Cooper’s Hill near Gloucester and Cheltenham. During this event, the participants roll cheese down the hill (some cheeses could weigh up to 40lbs) and then chase after the cheese to make it go faster down the hill. The end result is really just a lot of bruises, broken cheese and a few ‘You’ve Been Framed’ videos! The prize for all of this hard work? More cheese. You roll cheese down a hill to win more cheese. Don’t ask why – that’s the British for you. This event is hugely popular in many of the surrounding areas and when called off in 2010, a lot of the festival’s followers were disappointed. In previous years, the main event was accompanied by other activities such as ‘dancing for ribbons’, ‘wrestling for a belt’ and ‘shin-kicking’. Nowadays this unusual entertainment has been replaced with coconut-shies (where you throw something at a coconut in an attempt to win the coconut), a flower show, climbing the maypole and tug-of-war. These new events are also commonly seen in local fetes (fairs). Easter Easter is quite a well-known tradition which is not just celebrated in the UK but across quite a few countries in Europe too. Here in England, Easter is seen as the celebration of Christ’s rise from the dead on Easter Sunday (a date which changes every year). The Easter season begins with Shrove Tuesday, also referred to as Pancake Tuesday. On this day everyone eats lots … Read more

Student Ambassador Ahmet recounts his experience at EC London

  We are very sad that Ahmed, our great Student Ambassador and student is leaving after 9 months here at school of English EC London. Have a look what he says about his experience in London and the school! ”I deleted what I wrote at least 30 times because I do not know how to say good-bye and I have never had this ability. At one point or another, I need to share my experiences and feelings that I lived. Days passed into weeks and months and this is the end of my amazing, fabulous, explainable adventure of EC London. I have been studying English for 9 months in EC School and 19th of June is officially my last day. When I took my entrance exam in September, my level was High-Intermediate and I spent around 2 months in this class. Then I transferred different classes like football players. From the first day till last minute I always had quality time with my teachers and my friends. Besides, whenever I needed something, EC staff helped me sincerely and I want to thank you all of them. There is no doubt that, I truthfully recommend EC London to everyone who wants to learn English. There are many reasons to choose this school of English EC London but the most important factor is to feel family environment here. Teachers care about students’ problems and they make an effort to teach the topic in best way, and students like hanging out and pouring out their grief to each other in 24/7. I have been doing volunteering as a student ambassador for 8 months and my favourite activity is definitely “Welcome Drink” because I met different people from different nationalities and I made many priceless friendships from Asia to South America to Europe. I questioned … Read more

Gaby to gain work experience at school of English EC London

Name: Gaby Age: 17 years old Nationality: English Gaby is taking part in work experience with our Student Services team for the next week. We would like to welcome her to our team and hope that she will enjoy her stay in the city and gain a lot from working here at EC London! She is currently an A-level student and has an interest for languages, something we all share! Let’s find out more about Gaby and her work experience at the school of English EC London! Studies: “I currently attend a sixth form college near Manchester and study French, German, Maths and Modern History. In the future I hope to progress into a career using my language skills, so the lessons I learn in the EC London school are perfect for giving me more experience and understanding of language.” Future plans: “Once I leave college, I am hoping to go onto university to study a joint degree in French and German. I am really excited to develop my knowledge of different cultures and also be able to fluently speak another language!” Hobbies: “I am a massive reader and love all sorts of different books from the Harry Potter series (highly recommended) to classics by Jane Austen. I also love to travel which is why coming to London for my work experience week suits me perfectly. “In my spare time I listen to a lot of music as well, I find it extremely relaxing and it’s a good way to let off steam after a long day at college.”

Cecile shares her EC London English School experience

Dear Future EC London student,   Finally, the first day of your school of English EC London experience begins. Congratulations, because I know that you made a really good choice. I hope that you will have such a great time as me. To reach this I would like to give you some recommendations for your stay. The main point is that you really enjoy your time here in London both at school and during your leisure time. When it comes to socializing I’d rather propose you to join different things of the social program because it is very easy to make friends. What is really important is that you should speak English even if some of your friends may speak the same language as you. Another point is the homework. Try to do the exercises which your teacher gives you after every lesson. If they give you some extra practice, use this great opportunity if you find enough time. Also the attendance in class is quite important, otherwise you miss a lot of stuff and it’s a waste of money at the same time. So, the last thing I can say now, is that you should enjoy your time, make lots of new friends, especially British ones and study hard.   I wish you all the best! Cecile   Are you inspired and excited to study at School of English EC London? Come and join us this summer and attend an English course in London at EC London.

More than sightseeing…Thames boat trip for EC London students

Take a leisurely cruise through London’s illustrious history…with the most popular sightseeing tour on the Thames. That’s what the students from school of English EC London and our great Social Leader Lilian did yesterday evening after a sunny and lovely day in London. They had an amazing time. ”A boat trip is something you’ll never forget and  you see London as you’ve never seen it before.”   This is one of the world’s most famous bridges, Tower Bridge. Of course its most famous feature is that it opens to allow tall ships to pass through. But when closed it almost seems to guard the river entrance to the city from the sea.     ”We had an amazing time on the boat trip with Qassem and Henrique. It is a wonderful way to get to know the city while enjoying a nice view from the boat. Yesterday the weather was great in the evening so we could see all the main attractions by the river and enjoy a lovely evening.”- Lilian del Gaudio   Behind our lovely students on the pictures you can see several of the City of London’s skyscrapers crowding the skyline. The most distinctive of them at present is knicknamed the Gherkin. Looking more like a large bullet, it is covered in a spiral pattern of tinted glass which adds to it’s distinctiveness.