Buenos Dias in EC London!

Buenos Dias guys! Yesterday at EC London school we had a culture day which was launched by 30+ and 30+ students from all over the world. They offered free Spanish lesson and I enjoyed a lot! During the lesson I learned how to say good morning in Spanish: Buenos dias. There were so many activities ha … Read more

Happy Australia Day!

Today is Australia Day and there will be celebrations going on all over Australia and London. But how much do you know about Australia and the history behind Australia Day? Find out more at: http://www.australiaday.org.au/experience/page76.asp Also, if you would like to join in the celebrations in L … Read more

A wee wedding weekend (in Scotland)

I went to Scotland for the first time last weekend for a wedding and discovered much about the countryside, the culture and the language. The Highlands are spectacularly beautiful, the people are friendly and laugh a lot and the accent is not as difficult to understand as many people might think. I … Read more