London : World’s Best Destination

Dubai, Marrakech, Tokyo, Paris, Bali, Phuket, Barcelona, Istanbul… On a list of the 25 best-rated destinations in the world, London now holds the first place ! The Capital of the United Kingdom is now named as ‘world’s best destination for 2019’ in TripAdvisor’s annual Travellers’ Choice awards. Apart from the fact that this city is just amazing, how can we explain this position? There are several reasons explaining that top place. One of them is that London is full of activities. Indeed, you can find beautiful parks, museums (free for some of them). In London you can also find some of the best restaurants and an amazing nightlife for young and old people. As you can see, everybody can be quickly addicted to that London life! Moreover, during the past 12 months a lot of exceptional events happened in London, such as the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Football World Cup, which attracted lots of visitors, creating a buzzing atmosphere in the capital. It has been 2 months since I started my London life and I just can’t get enough of every place that I am discovering each day when I leave EC School, and even more on weekends. What I really like here in London is the number of activities but also, ( and especially) the diversity of restaurants, because food is my number one passion. Here are some pictures of London that I have taken since my arrival. Enjoy!                                                            If you would like to take part of ‘the London life experience’ and Learn English Abroad , then join us at EC School London and discover … Read more

IELTS Courses in London

Glad to be a part of EC London team!

In France… Hi! I’m Siham! I was born, and grew up in France. When I have obtained my Master Degree in Paris I decided to do something different, something new in my life. ? After long reflections, I took the decision to go to London to improve my English skills. EC London Experience I applied for an internship at EC London. When I was effectively a part of a team, I really enjoyed EC London. So, I decided to apply for a job as a Student Services Coordinator. It’s a wonderful international company where I met lovely colleagues who directly integrated me into their team. I also met students who come from different countries, with different mentalities, different backgrounds. It’s really very rewarding every day, I enjoy it!!! I love what I do. I learn new things every day. Even if I have to solve some problems and that it doesn’t seem easy to me, I always remember a sentence that one colleague once said: ‘we don’t have problem, we have only challenges’!!! This sentence seems to be simple but really it keeps resonating in my ears. In the end, I chose London because it’s my endearing city. I feel well here even if I missed my family, my friends and everything. The atmosphere is well, people are so open-minded and helpful. In addition, there are many things to do here in London: lots of places to visit, to discover. Next time, I’ll will show you what I visited or discovered in this amazing city! See Ya! Before I forget, if you need to have more information about IELTS Courses in London, come to visit us 🙂  

Tony, Intensive English: “I really recommend this school”

Tony is a student from France that started his Intensive English course at EC London in August. He is always a great supporter of our social programme activities and recently when we organized an ice skating night he and our student ambassador Cesar appared on the famous TimeOut magazine with a photo of that night. We really had a great time that night! He is going to stay with us for three months so ask about that to Tony! Here is what he would like to say about his experience at EC London so far.   I have been at EC London for 3 months and I really recommend this school. I like the staff and teachers, they are really helpfull. My favourite hang out is to go out with the students of the school. Sunday afternoon is the good time for visit the beautiful city of London by the way the school offers some travelling. I would come back to EC.

Bowling Night! Such a great time for EC London students!

Bowling night for EC students is always very successful! Yesterday almost 20 students joined Anja for a fun night out. A good occasion for the students that are taking the IELTS in London to relax, talk and drink something all together. All had such a great time and we are almost sure that some of our students are secret professional players! Here are some pictures of our students in action:     We already can’t wait for the next night out! Don’t forget to have a look at our social programme to know all the activities that we organise every week.  

Stefanie, Intensive English: “The preparation you get at EC London is high quality”

Stefanie from Switzerland studied at EC London for almost two months and lived in our lovely homestay accommodation. Let’s find out what she says about her English courses in London and the time she spent here! “Not only is London the Capital of England, but also one of the most impressive cities I have ever seen. EC London School is right in the Centre of London and a good possibility to improve your English skills. The best courses are the exame courses. I joined the Cea Course. Even its hard work but the preparation you get at EC London is high quality. After the Cae Lessons, I have done normal lessons which are more fun. EC London has a big range of Social Programm, where you can meet other students. One must see in London is the Skygarden with the breathtaken view over the city.In the evening I joined the sobell karateclub, they are the best example of the friendly and helpful Britisch population. Another example of friendly persons are my hostparents. My hostmother was a marvellous cook and their house was splendid. Even if London is amasing, I never get used to the overcrowded tube (there was no room tho swing a cat) and the big air pollution. But all in all I had wonderful 7 weeks in London.”   Find out more information about our English Courses in London.

EC London students visit Alexandra Palace ice rink

Alexandra Palace, one of the best places in London where you can go to a concert, exhibitions and ice skating and see an amazing view of London from Alexandra Park. It is located in the North-West of London, only 15 minutes on foot from Wood Green Station, Piccadilly Line. EC London went to the ice rink in Alexandra Palace last Friday. Every 4th Friday of the month there is a special night where you can do some ice skating and dancing at the same time, meet new people and also see a lot of professional ice skating. The price for students is affordable and ice skates are included, the staff are really kind and willing, they are also used to helping all the people who don’t know how to skate. There is also a lake outside where you can take a boat ride and taste the delicious food and drinks. It is open every day of the week including bank holidays.

English School London in ICE Bar

English School London organises ”A Frozen experience”

Last week EC London organised a very unique experience for students of the English School in London…. a frozen  experience! They had the chance to walk into a trendy cocktail bar where everything is beautifully built from Swedish river ice. Only ice is used to create the walls, bar, tables and even your own personal glass is made of the purest ice but don’t worry everyone received a designer thermal cape with a hood and gloves to keep the students warm during their visit.   This year the theme is “FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD” to celebrate London’s reputation for world class cuisine and modern Britain’s love of all things gastronomic. Every year the IceBar closes for one week to renovate completely his own style using 38 tonnes of ice from Northern Sweden. The next theme stills a secret but here are some of the previous ones: Frozen Architecture, Galactic Frontiers, Aquatic and Disco. Incredibly, this unusual place is right in the heart of London, just off Regent Street, only 5 minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus or Oxford Circus tube stations. All our students had a really good time day there, drinking cocktails and walking around incredibly sculptures.      

Come and Join Coffee and Conversation!

What did you do on Wednesday at 3 pm? I’ll try to answer you: maybe you went back home or stayed talk with your old friends. And how many times did you stop to meet someone new? In my opinion rarely, but don’t worry about this. EC London has a diversified Social Programme… At this time you have Coffee and Conversation. There you can meet someone new. You only have one hour but this is a good reason to start a new friendship. In our last meeting we took pictures and heard some interesting opinions. We hope we can see you on the next meeting. This is an opportunity to travel around the world without cost. “I hade a such good time. Some students are very friendly.” Said Orvanda. “They know how important is this meeting?” Said Emiliano. Judite Silva