Place to reflect and relax.

Fed up with the hustle and bustle of London?  Looking for a calm, quiet place to reflect and relax? Then through the doorway of 99 High Street, Kensington I invite you! Recommended by David I love gardening so when I discovered this secret roof garden I jumped for joy! Barely visible from Kensington High Street this pocket of paradise is situated high up on the 6th floor. Originally 1 shilling (5p) to enter these gardens now beckon you in for free! There are three gardens so let me take you on a walk….   The Spanish garden Moorish in style and decorated with bold colours, vines and palm trees. This garden will whisk you away to the Mediterranean. How I love that feeling of being on holiday! The Tudor garden Walk under archways, linger in secret corners and imagine life under King Henry VIII Go in May and June to enjoy the English garden at its best with hanging wisteria, brilliant roses and beautifully scented lilies and lavender.                   English woodland garden Over 100 species of trees are planted here to literally grow in the clouds! Here in this woodland in the sky will you find four pretty pink surprises! …Ben, Bill, Splosh and Pecks…four flamingos! Woweeeeeee! I love this place! And so do many others, so I strongly recommend you call before going. ( 0207 937 7994) Eats and drinks Like something to eat then to the 7th floor we go. Babylon offers delicious food with an amazing view of the London skyline. If it’s just a drink you’re after then enjoy yummy cocktails on the terrace. Do make a reservation before going. ( 0207 368 3993) As Francis Hodgson Burnet, author of The secret garden said…. “At first people refuse … Read more

English School London in ICE Bar

English School London organises ”A Frozen experience”

Last week EC London organised a very unique experience for students of the English School in London…. a frozen  experience! They had the chance to walk into a trendy cocktail bar where everything is beautifully built from Swedish river ice. Only ice is used to create the walls, bar, tables and even your own personal glass is made of the purest ice but don’t worry everyone received a designer thermal cape with a hood and gloves to keep the students warm during their visit.   This year the theme is “FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD” to celebrate London’s reputation for world class cuisine and modern Britain’s love of all things gastronomic. Every year the IceBar closes for one week to renovate completely his own style using 38 tonnes of ice from Northern Sweden. The next theme stills a secret but here are some of the previous ones: Frozen Architecture, Galactic Frontiers, Aquatic and Disco. Incredibly, this unusual place is right in the heart of London, just off Regent Street, only 5 minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus or Oxford Circus tube stations. All our students had a really good time day there, drinking cocktails and walking around incredibly sculptures.      

The Phantom of the Opera- a great opportunity to learn English in England

The students of EC London are here to learn English in England as good as possible. It is a great opportunity to improve the language by attending our social programme event ”The Phatom of the Opera”. This multi-award winning musical continues to captivate audiences at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London’s West End, after more than 10,000 performances. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s mesmerising score along with jaw-dropping scenery and breathtaking special effects, magically combine to bring this tragic love story to life each night. But at the very heart of the success and longevity of The Phantom of The Opera, which has played continuously at Her Majesty’s Theatre since 9 October 1986, are Charles Hart’s clever lyrics  and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s luxurious and tuneful score. Despite their familiarity, numbers such as Music of the Night, Prima Donna, All I Ask Of You, Masquerade, The Point Of No Return and the title song still retain their power and theatrical beauty. This is no doubt due to the good work of current musical director James McKeon who masterfully controls the 27 piece orchestra, ensuring a level of skilled orchestral accompaniment most West End musicals can only dream about. “Remains the most exciting musical in London” – Daily Mail   If you got excited about an English course at EC London to learn English in England, visit our Homepage.  

London is the best city in the world-learn English in England

London, give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve only gone and bloody done it again. Obviously we think our awesome city is the best on the planet, but it seems the rest of the world agrees because London has just been named the most popular travel destination IN THE WORLD. And for the fifth time in seven years. In your face: every other city on the planet. We are really happy to live here and work in such a wonderful place. You could come to London and learn English in England. Paris might have it covered when it comes to pastries and Bangkok has obviously got the edge if we’re talking temperatures, but we beat them both to the top spot in a 132-city league table put together by MasterCard. But should we really be surprised? Where else in the world can you find pillow cinema on the rooftop, stay overnight on moving beds in an exhibition with giant slides and do a spot of yoga with your dog? And it’s not just pop-ups and pooches, we’ve got the stats to back it up too – this year we’ve had 18.82 million visitors flocking to our city and spending a whopping £13.3 billion. So take a bow, London, and get ready for the best summer yet. It’s a great summer so far, so come and join us in EC London in the best city in the world.  

The Lion King Musical- Discover it in London!

Would you like to watch a phenomenal, spectacular, and one of the most famous musicals of all time? It is your chance to experience the spectacle of Disney’s the Lion King! The best-loved and well-known worldwide musical is in London! You probably know about the story of the Lion King but you have never seen the story in a Theatre. The musical is playing at Lyceum Theatre in the city centre. Another smash hit from the Disney family! The Lion King is classic family entertainment which will delight audiences everywhere. If you are looking for fabulous costumes, stunning choreography, memorable songs and not forgetting puppets then this is a show for you! The Lion King was a highly successful animated film, made in 1994 by the Disney studios. It tells the story of a young lion cub called Simba and his journey to adulthood. Along the way he learns about personal responsibility, pride, trust and growing up in general. Using puppets, masks, lavish sets and a strong cast of human actors, The Lion King musical has adapted the film into a simply thrilling stage version. The seats are limited for this show. If you want to find out more about the show and buy tickets, google Lion King London. A couple of th students from school of English EC London are going to the Lion King next week!

EC London student Nam shares his impressions to future EC students

Dear future student at school of English EC London, I have been studying in school of English EC London roughly 3 months and I really want to give you some advice. Above all, when it comes to homework. I would say you have to do whole things particularly writing tasks because wherever you do, teachers will give you a feedback what mistakes you made and more proper vocabulary to make more natural. Also, what’s really important is coming to class. Even if you couldn’t sleep well the day before or there were some special events and things like that, it’s obligated for students to come to class. Well, some students disagree with my opinion but I’m here to study English and listening what teachers tell us might improve our listening skills. Moreover, something you have heard during the class could help you unconsciously. Let’s talk about social activities. I would definitely recommend doing it as much as you can. It’s really helpful to improve your socializing and you can get some nice impressions about the city. I know it’s really hard to express your feelings and emotions whenever you speak English. So I try to learn some expressions from other people in school. Anyway, what I really think is studying is up to you. We have same teacher, classes and time. Don’t use a translator and try to think in English. Have a great time and enjoy!”- Nam EC offers many courses, including IELTS in London

Gaby to gain work experience at school of English EC London

Name: Gaby Age: 17 years old Nationality: English Gaby is taking part in work experience with our Student Services team for the next week. We would like to welcome her to our team and hope that she will enjoy her stay in the city and gain a lot from working here at EC London! She is currently an A-level student and has an interest for languages, something we all share! Let’s find out more about Gaby and her work experience at the school of English EC London! Studies: “I currently attend a sixth form college near Manchester and study French, German, Maths and Modern History. In the future I hope to progress into a career using my language skills, so the lessons I learn in the EC London school are perfect for giving me more experience and understanding of language.” Future plans: “Once I leave college, I am hoping to go onto university to study a joint degree in French and German. I am really excited to develop my knowledge of different cultures and also be able to fluently speak another language!” Hobbies: “I am a massive reader and love all sorts of different books from the Harry Potter series (highly recommended) to classics by Jane Austen. I also love to travel which is why coming to London for my work experience week suits me perfectly. “In my spare time I listen to a lot of music as well, I find it extremely relaxing and it’s a good way to let off steam after a long day at college.”

Cecile shares her EC London English School experience

Dear Future EC London student,   Finally, the first day of your school of English EC London experience begins. Congratulations, because I know that you made a really good choice. I hope that you will have such a great time as me. To reach this I would like to give you some recommendations for your stay. The main point is that you really enjoy your time here in London both at school and during your leisure time. When it comes to socializing I’d rather propose you to join different things of the social program because it is very easy to make friends. What is really important is that you should speak English even if some of your friends may speak the same language as you. Another point is the homework. Try to do the exercises which your teacher gives you after every lesson. If they give you some extra practice, use this great opportunity if you find enough time. Also the attendance in class is quite important, otherwise you miss a lot of stuff and it’s a waste of money at the same time. So, the last thing I can say now, is that you should enjoy your time, make lots of new friends, especially British ones and study hard.   I wish you all the best! Cecile   Are you inspired and excited to study at School of English EC London? Come and join us this summer and attend an English course in London at EC London.

Combine a fabulous summer with an English course in London

What is so great about London in the summer? Everything- come to EC London and combine a fabulous summer with an English course in London But we picked a few special things to do this summer – a whole city’s worth of amazing food, strolls around the city, barbecue evenings and cool things to do. There are loads of outdoor cinemas popping up in various parks around the city in summer, it’s just amazing to watch your favourite movies under the stars on a warm summer’s night. – Luna Cinema, Rooftop Film Club. Also there are lots of free open air screenings like the More London film festival in September or the ones in Somerset House. It’s a fantastic venue for live music with well-managed bars and a beautiful sunset as a stage backdrop. London’s parks are real treasures in summer. There is Hampstead Heath, Primrose Hill, Clapham Common, Victoria Park and Hyde Park of course.The rolling parklands are a perfect surrounding to enjoy a cup of tea (or a beer 🙂 It’s also really nice to bathe in he sun after a run or for a saturday evening  picnic with friends. Summer start is Festival start here in London! There is no weekend in London without a Festival. Lots of music festivals in various parks of London. I would recommend the Eastern Electric Festival which will be taking place at the Historic Hatfield House. They had so much great feedback last year.. The biggest celebration of underground house and techno will take place on Saturday August 1st, so if you want to go, block the weekend off in your diary, it’s going to be a big one! Another great one is the Festival of Love in Southbank Center, next to the London Eye and Waterloo Station. It will be from Saturday 6 June 2015 – Monday 31 August 2015. Join them … Read more

Intern Experiences at EC London

EC London takes in students from all over the world, but we also welcome international interns who come and train with us to gain crucial workplace experience. One success story comes from Hong Kong. Jane Lau trained with EC London junior school this summer and we loved having her here! I’ll let Jane tell you the story… ‘Hi, I’m Jane Lau. I am an Uni student majoring in Translation and I’m from Hong Kong. This summer, I interned in EC London for 2 months and mainly worked in Catford for the Junior Programme. That was one of the most incredible experiences in my life that I would like to share with everyone. This was the first time for me to work in an English-speaking and multi-ethnic environment. Before I came to UK for the internship, I was a bit nervous about working in a new environment. But my experience proves that my worry was unnecessary and I have learnt a lot through this internship. I had a really great time working with colleagues at Stukeley Street and in Catford Junior School. They are all very caring and nice. We worked as a team and we had a really good time working together. Though some tough things might happen, but it is nice that there is always someone who can share and support you. Having been working in a pure English environment, I find that now I’m more confident in speaking English, great thanks to my colleagues. Another thing that I found the nationality mix in my workplace provided me a precious opportunity to learn cooperating with people from different cultural background and exchange out ideas and thoughts. And of course, I have learned so many practical skills from the work place that were beyond what I expected. Thanks EC! I … Read more