World English: Welsh English

Not all English is the same. There’s American English, Australian English, Irish English and so on. For example, in America they say ‘pants’ and in the UK we say ‘trousers’. So what is ‘Wenglish’? …Well, it’s the dialect of English, which is spoken in South Wales, especially in the Swansea/Cardiff/ Valleys area in the UK. It is English but with a Welsh ‘flavour’…

EC Teacher Conference 2010: meeting, sharing and developing together

Saturday 30th January saw the first EC Teacher conference, with teachers from EC London, EC Cambridge and EC Brighton (as well as Nadya and Cristina from EC Malta) all spending their Saturday at the London school to meet, share and learn together. With opening and closing plenary  sessions led by Russell Stannard (Webwatcher) and Ian Lebeau (author – Language … Read more