Student Testimonial: Chloe Saux from France

“I’m Chloe, a French student who went in EC Los Angeles for one month. Since my first day here, I spend a good time at school, at homestay and also with the other guys that I met. If I had the chance to stay more time, I would do it because I have again a lot of things to discover. The school has a great location, in a huge modern building, near beaches, downtown and bus station allowing students to play beach volley, shopping, and meet American guys. But I think that the most important is the fact of being very comfortable at school. All the teachers and staff members do a great job.  They are friendly, warm, cheerful and reliable. Moreover, we improve our English with some games in the class, thanks to that, it’s fun and we learn more quickly. The school is new, so rooms are very clean and well equipped. The school is constantly preparing  exciting activities like skydiving, trip in San Diego, in Las Vegas, visiting Zoo, Museum, playing beach volley, discovered Universal studio, Hollywood etc… It’s the perfect way to get the students together and improve their relationships.  My host family was very friendly, Natalie, enjoys a very active life. In fact, I did many activities with her like going to the cinema, to the theater, visited the city. She lives in a great area named Pacific Palisades which there are beautiful houses and view. I just wanted to thank you for this amazing experience and I can recommend EC LA to everyone. I really liked this month here.”

Student Testimonial: Christian Woelm from Switzerland

My experience at EC was just great, interesting, and very fun. I learned a lot and it was awesome! My best memory was the skydiving activity. It was exciting and unreal, like in another world. It was awesome. The level was good. I learned a lot. I could use my English skills and I got better in three weeks. My class was great and the teachers were great! To prospective students: “You should come to ECLA because of the location. The location is great! The school is new and everything is clean and perfect. Santa Monica is beautiful and the staff is AWESOME!” I am going to miss my time here.