EC Los Angeles Teacher Feature: Christopher Meisenholder

Meet one of EC Los Angeles’ teachers!

“Hello future and current EC students! I am a true native of Santa Monica. I was born here, raised here and went to school here until I was 18 years old. I know this place well and have seen it change over the years. I feel extremely lucky to be a teacher here at EC, just blocks away from the beaches of my childhood. I went to college to study Literature and Creative Writing but when I finished my studies, I decided that I wanted to live in South America. So I got a TESOL certification and a job in Santiago de Chile and went to live there and teach English for a year and a half. I loved every minute of it and decided that my true path is teaching. I think that teaching at a place like EC is a dream come true for me because I can grow as a teacher everyday and work with motivated students from all over the world, learning about their cultures and sharing some of ours.

When I’m not teaching at EC, I love to ride my bike all over town and explore new places and things to do in Los Angeles. I also love to try interesting and new types of food. I’m a huge fan of all kinds of movies and literature. Writing is my biggest artistic passion. I also like to practice and improve the languages that I already know French and Spanish. I look forward to meeting you in the classroom or in our hallways. “