EC Juniors Staff Feature: Robia Lee, Resident Advisor Extraordinaire!

Hi!My name is Robia and I am currently a 3rd year student at UCLA. I am an Economics major and a Comparative Literature minor, with hopes of attending
law school some time in the future. Right now, I am currently employed for EC English as a Junior Program Resident Advisor and am having a great time! What
made me want to apply for the job was the prospect of meeting students from all over the world and being able to welcome them to the vibrant and sunny city of
Los Angeles. In the past few days, I have already gotten to know students from just about all over the world – including Italy, Taiwan, Turkey and Saudi
Arabia. It has been a really rewarding experience spending the day with them and making sure that they are comfortable and having a good time. Although I
have only been on the job for a couple of days, I have been talking to tons of different students and learning about them and their home country. It’s almost
like a fun and mini history lesson! I’m also having a blast giving tours, answering questions and eating meals with them. But I would have to say that my
favorite part of the day is at the very end, when I get to ask students about their activities. It gives me a great feeling to be able to hear them talk
about their busy day and their many exciting adventures in and around LA.