ECLA Welcomes Lena Nikitina to Our Team!

We’d like to introduce our new Volunteer Office Assistant – Lena Nikitina! Find out more about her below:

“Life is full of experiences and possibilities. One of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had is being a language school student. I came to America in 2010, seeking happiness and adventures. Language school gave me more than I’ve ever expected: friends, tolerance, knowledge, goals, and hope. Even though my planned duration of study was only one month, the nice, friendly atmosphere surrounding the Language School made me completely change my mind. I extended my study for 4 more months in order to stay longer. While I was there, I was completely determined about my future: I decided to graduate from the University and build my life here, in America.
The Language school made me think about who I am, and what I want. Furthermore, being a part of the Language school community has changed my personality as well. I have become more open-minded, determined, and hard-working. Being at a language school improved my English to the point of proficiency, which was enough to be admitted to Santa Monica College, where I am currently studying and dedicating most of my time. Being at a language school made me thirsty for knowledge: I always wanted to learn something new.
Now, I am here again, but in a somewhat new environment and role at EC Los Angeles. I’m no longer a student, but now a mentor of student. I don’t know if it was luck or destiny that brought me here to help students make their life at ECLA better, but I am committed to encouraging them to study and follow their dreams.”