How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in LA


Los Angeles provides a vibrant and diverse array of dining choices, and desserts are no exception. No matter which neighborhood you live in, you’re sure to find a few sweet shops for a little post-meal indulgence. I love making mini-adventures out of finding new dessert places, because no matter how long the journey, I always find a happy little reward at the end!  These are just a few of my favorite places in the Los Angeles area, and a couple suggestions on what to get!


Vanilla Bake Shop – Santa Monica (

A quick walk down the block from EC Los Angeles, this store is a life-saver when I’m craving a small treat to get me through the day. Their mini-cupcakes are moist, delicious, and super cute! Each day, they put out different flavors, so there is a huge selection to choose from. My personal favorites: Red Velvet, Banana Chocolate Chip, and Spicy Carrot.


Blockheads Shavery – West LA (

Green tea with condensed milk

A delicious alternative to ice cream or frozen yogurt, Blockheads Shavery serves a blend between shaved ice and ice cream, which they call Snow Cream. Snow cream is fluffier than any other kind of ice cream you’ve ever tried – definitely worth trying at least once. This dessert is distinctly Asian, which can be seen by the choice of toppings and snow cream flavors. Toppings ranging from fresh fruit like strawberries and mango, to rice cake and red bean. My favorite flavors of snow are black sesame and green tea, but strawberry also has a delicate, subtle flavor that is nice when I don’t want something too sweet.


Syrup Desserts – Downtown LA

syrup signature

Every dessert and coffee I’ve had from this store in Downtown LA has been really yummy – from their sundaes to their crepes – but nothing beats their amazing waffles. Their specialty is the liege waffle. Denser and sweeter than regular waffles, they are truly something special. My suggestion: Order the signature waffle to get your first experience of a perfectly crispy waffle and the sweetness of nutella and fruit, all balanced by their creamy vanilla ice cream. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

Check back soon for the second half of this tantalizing list of LA’s sweetest hot spots!